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Ethereum founder criticizes individualism


Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, much has been said about the actions of the main governments on the planet to stop it. And within the crypto world, on many occasions, these opinions have taken the form of an attack against the “common good”. This is why Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has criticized extreme individualism in the crypto community in our Tweet of today:

Founder of Ethereum for the common good

If one effect has had the crisis caused by the Coronavirus, it is to highlight the importance of the State throughout the world. Since, in the midst of the terrible effects generated by this disease, leading to the death of thousands of people, the States have been in charge of reacting and coordinating efforts to safeguard the population.

This has been the case, from the provision of hospitals and the care of the sick, through the establishment of hygiene and safety measures, to multimillion-dollar economic incentives. The State has acted everywhere to contain the worst effects of COVID-19. What has not always been to everyone’s liking.

And is that, for many people, the actions of governments to stop the Coronavirus, end up being an attack on individual freedom. By intervening in the market and slowing down the economic processes driven by supply and demand.

Or by trying to coordinate the efforts of nations against this disease, governments would be exceeding their limits, according to these people. Something not shared by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin:

I really like freedom, but defining the collective common good as a kind of enemy is just weird

These words would have been written in response to a tweet from Erick Erickson. Who, expressed in the social network that the collective good would be fought with the freedom of individuals.

A position of extreme individualism, which for Buterin is meaningless, while the individual only manages to realize himself by living in society. Therefore, the search for the common good would not be antagonistic to individual freedom, but its complement.

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