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First block of Cardano mined by a woman


One of the least analyzed elements within the crypto world is the boost that Blockchain technology gives to gender equality. And it is that, unlike the traditional financial system, where there is a significant disparity between men and women. Within blockchains, all users are exactly the same. Something that is demonstrated with the first block of Cardano mined by a woman, as Shweta Chauhan commented in the Tweet of the day:

Cardano and the participation of women

Despite the great strides that have been made in the last century, significant inequality between men and women still exists throughout the world. And one of the sectors where it is clearer is in the international financial system. Where economic opportunities are usually much easier for men to take advantage of than for women.

Blockchain technology can change this for good. Well, unlike traditional finance where relationships, and therefore personal biases, carry a lot of weight. Within blockchains like Cardano, all that matters is the contribution of users to the community. Allowing therefore greater participation and benefits for women.

Thanks to kBLOCKs, the first block of Cardano mined by a woman was obtained today. Source: kBLOCKs
Thanks to kBLOCKs, the first block of Cardano mined by a woman was obtained today. Source: kBLOCKs

Thanks to this, the crypto market today received the good news that the first block of the new version of Cardano, Shelley, had been mined by a woman. Shweta Chauhan being the user behind this achievement, thanks to her stake pool in ADA, kBLOCKs. Which clearly demonstrates the importance of women within the cryptocurrency ecosystem:

First block mined by women on the #Cardano Blockchain Such a surreal feeling! I think I’m going to cry #WomenInBlockchain“.

In this way, although there is still a long way to go to achieve equality, even within the crypto world. News like Chauhan’s show that cryptocurrencies are much more than just virtual currency. They are an instrument to achieve equality worldwide.

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