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Forex: How far can the Dollar go?


Forex: Where will the dollar go and its price? An unknown that will always exist in the Forex market around the American currency, since the dollar will always remain in the sights of investors.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, investors have consolidated their confidence in the dollar. Well, it is considered one of the most profitable currencies for high risk investments.

In these uncertain times, investors need to secure their money in the most feasible way they know how. However, many have been the events that have shaken the American nation in the last quarter. And I get the question: Where will the price of the dollar go?

The dollar as a safe investment: How far can it go?

With COVID-19, being the shadow of a threat to the United States, the advances of the dollar could be questioned.

If US virus cases had not hit new highs above 50,000 this Wednesday, the US economic reopening would have been excellent news.

However, for the US economy, prospects are uncertain and there are signs of an early vulnerability.

So, while stock market gains signal optimism, vacillations about the robust job market report increase.

In addition, the outbreak of the United States’ COVID-19 will be the main driver of market flows. Well, the accompanying government responses will determine whether these advances in the economy will be sustainable.

Expectations persist before the July 4 festivities in the United States, since this holiday is expected to cause more coronavirus infections in the American states.

In addition, The euro retained its advantage last Thursday despite the improvement in the non-farm employment report and mixed data for the eurozone. Maintaining the dilemma of: Where will the dollar go?

Will there be positive forecasts for the American currency?

After a strong appreciation of the US currency by investors due to the COVID-19 crisis, which brought the dollar up to $ 1,069 in March, it normalizes and returns to its natural trading range.

Well, the reopening of the economies promises to alleviate its status as the quintessential reserve currency. Thus, it promises to remain a successful option in the Forex market.

However, the projections for Monday consider a slight drop in the price of the American currency.

This, waiting for the figures of the rebound of cases of infection by COVID-19 after the festivities of July 4 to come out.

Finally, you can see the result of recent employment figures published by the US Department of Employment, knowing the position taken by investors in the Forex market.

Although, such damaging figures are not fully anticipated, beyond a slight decline by investors as they wait to probe the behavior of the market on Monday, hoping that it will be seen how far the dollar will go.

It is worth mentioning that, a clear competition promises to arise. Greater European coordination around the Recovery Fund and the possibility of issuing joint debt to finance it, strengthen the group’s cohesion and reduce the weakness of the Euro.

Analysis of dollar forecasts

The interest rate differential with other economies has narrowed, but the US will keep the differential growing. In this election year, a sustained dollar will be used as a symptom of economic normality. A EUR / USD range for the end of 2020 is estimated at 1.10 / 1.15 and 1.12 / 1.17 for 2021.

The question of where the dollar will go persists among investors in the Forex Market
The question of where the dollar will go persists among investors in the Forex Market. Source:

At the opening on Monday, a stable dollar is expected around 1.1240.

Finally, how far can the dollar go in 2020? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.

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