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Free Master Class with XTB


For all of us who are part of the crypto community, making a profit with our cryptocurrencies is a primary objective. However, we do not always have the ability to design an investment plan ourselves that works for the long term. Therefore, in these cases the best we can do is seek advice. And luckily, it will be available in the free Master Class with XTB this October, where you can learn to create your own investment strategy.

The XTB Master Class: a unique opportunity

On many occasions we have been sold the idea that companies dedicated to offering their services in the area of ​​trading are ambitious and unscrupulous groups. Who seek out unsuspecting users by offering them quick profit opportunities just to keep their money.

But nothing further from reality. The truth is that, in recent years in the crypto world, dozens of responsible and committed exchanges have emerged. Which seek that their users generate as much profit as possible, so that in this way both the company and its customers grow.

The free Master Class with XTB is just one more sample of the company's commitment to its users
The free Master Class with XTB is just one more sample of the company’s commitment to its users

And among these responsible companies with their users, without a doubt one of the most prominent is XTB. An investment platform with years of experience, which has made the training of its users one of its priorities. Offering support, webinars and educational resources at all times so that its clients are able to make informed decisions when investing in financial assets.

For this reason, and continuing with its policy of joint growth between users and companies, XTB will now offer a free Master Class, in which those interested can learn to create their own investment strategy. All this from the hand of one of the world’s leading financial experts, David Galán, Director of Bolsa General Asesores.

How do I participate?

Participating in the free XTB Master Class is extremely easy. All you have to do is register directly on the XTB page with your name, surname, email and phone number. With which you will get immediate access to the Master Class through the XTB xStation platform or YouTube.

The Master Class will be divided into two sessions. The first one will be held on the day October 1 at 7:00 p.m. Spain. And in it, David Galán will talk about the criteria that you must take into account when selecting or discarding stocks within your investment portfolio.

For its part, the second session will take place on the day October 8 at 7:00 p.m. Spain. Focusing herself on studying the most interesting opportunities that currently exist in the financial world. For this, the knowledge acquired during the first session will be applied in the Spanish market, but also in the European and American.

Therefore, the objective of XTB with both sessions is to provide its users and anyone interested in the financial market, the basic tools so that they can understand the behavior of the financial markets. Indices, Forex, Commodities, Bitcoin and Stocks, and with that design your own investment strategy.

So if your goal is to enter the world of finance on the right foot and start generating profits, without a doubt you should enroll in XTB’s free Master Class and start investing like the professionals.

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