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Get to know the SimpleFX affiliate program


The affiliate program is the easiest way to earn money online, the key is to choose the right partner. SimpleFX is a commercial application that already offers one of the best programs. Start sharing your referral links today and enjoy 30% shared revenue for life!

At the end of May everyone will be able to obtain a 30% share of the income. Here’s how it will work: Create a guide (text, video, image) on how to trade SimpleFX WebTrader, or how to use the SimpleFX Affiliate Dashboard, and send it to using the address registered with SimpleFX. Make sure the affiliate referral link is visible in the guide.

The easiest way to earn passive income

If you are looking for a way to establish passive income, the affiliate program is the default option, like that of SimpleFX. There is no doubt that the Internet has opened limitless possibilities for people to conduct global business. With SimpleFX’s affiliate program, you can promote products and services through engaging content.

You can do this with:

  • A blog.
  • A discussion forum.
  • A news site.
  • Instagram account.
  • Facebook group.
  • Twitter
  • Email campaigns.
  • And much more.

How to choose the best affiliate program

Everyone knows the affiliate program, like SimpleFX. The key to success is choosing the right product to promote. You should focus your efforts on a quality product that is growing rapidly, with low entry barriers for new users and high retention rates for existing users.

Your affiliate partner should offer you:

  1. Great sale product.
  2. High distribution of income for life.
  3. Multilevel system (also receives a commission for the sales of its affiliates).
  4. Transparency: Get all the data to control your income streams.
  5. Quality marketing materials: video and image ads, promotional codes.

SimpleFX has it all, given that it is an exclusive trading platform, which has been growing organically for the past six years. They have more than 240,000 active users worldwide in more than 100 countries.

SimpleFX Features

With SimpleFX, you can buy or sell (short) almost anything. Stocks from the US, Europe, Brazil, Turkey or Japan, raw materials, gold, silver, currency pairs (forex), as well as cryptocurrencies.

The best commercial application

Furthermore, its main feature is SimpleFX WebTrader, the main mobile trading application. With a smooth and responsive interface, it works on any device. Operators can analyze the charts and prepare their strategy on a laptop or desktop and then place the right order, at the right time, anywhere with a smartphone.

Up to 1: 500, no minimum deposits, multiple accounts

SimpleFX has no minimum deposits. This is a critical feature for a trading app as it allows you to make unlimited profits with limited risk. The very high optional leverage allows traders to open a $ 50,000 position with just a $ 100 deposit.

Additionally, SimpleFX users can use 24 different fiat currency accounts and seven cryptocurrencies, making it easy for customers around the world.

World-class affiliate software

For affiliates, they also offer one of the best terms, including:

  • 25% lifetime earnings share (standard level).
  • Fantastic affiliate software with real time statistics.
  • Great announcements with a new design for each seasonal promotion.
  • Your individual promo codes offering limited time discounts.

Partner with the right company, share your referral links, and build your affiliate network now. Don’t miss out and don’t let other affiliates take control of potential SimpleFX users in your country or region.

Go to SimpleFX, register with your email and go to the section “Recommend friends”. You do not need to make a deposit. Just promote the platform and get your share of the profits with a common transfer or withdrawal of cryptocurrencies directly to your wallet.

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