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Grayscale manages $ 6.5 billion in crypto


Yesterday Grayscale reported via Twitter that the total value of crypto assets managed by the company reached USD 6.5 billion for the first time. However, a report today revealed that the company did not keep pace with the market during October.

Crypto disappointment

On Monday Grayscale reported on Twitter that it had reached the $ 6.5 billion mark in crypto for the first time; Its main product being the Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which exceeds USD 5.4 billion.

Overall, the company enjoyed an excellent third quarter after attracting more than $ 1 billion in assets. However, not everything is perfect.

Just today CryptoCompare released a report highlighting that, overall, “Grayscale products underperformed the market.”

Certainly, in terms of size, Grayscale is the market leader for exchange-traded crypto products, or ETPs. For those who do not know the term, they consist of investments for those who want to expose themselves to the asset, in this case crypto, but do not want to be responsible for maintaining or storing it.

Thus, despite Grayscale being the market cap leader, it had the worst performance in October. Specifically, ETC Group and WisdomTree’s ETPs outperformed crypto markets for the previous 30 days, gaining 7.7% and 7.3%, respectively, compared to a 6.6% improvement in the crypto market.

Yes, that means that the investors of those ETPs obtained higher returns than they would have obtained by investing in the crypto itself. Even despite the fees they must pay for the service.

Now you can verify crypto addresses using Twitter

Everyone in the crypto community has felt a little scare when it comes to sending crypto thanks to addresses. As many of you will know, crypto addresses can be long and complicated; If you make a mistake in a number, letter or digit, you will give that money for lost.

Consequently, Unstoppable Domains and Chainlink have been working on finding a solution that will prevent us crypto users from going through that. And finally, today they announced a new feature.

This feature will allow users of domains .crypto from Unstoppable Domain verify your address via Twitter.

Crypto wallets with more than 100 BTC reaches a maximum of 6 months

As we reported today in CryptoTrend, according to data from Glassnode, the number of Bitcoin addresses with more than 100 BTC reaches a maximum of 6 months.

Specifically, there are currently more than 16,159 Bitcoin wallets with more than 100 BTC. The news comes at a time where there is a lot of optimism around the leading crypto, which wants to break above the key level of $ 12,000.

Banks as Blockchain nodes

That has been the proposal of Brian Brooks, interim controller of currencies of the United States, who talked about the fundamental role of banks in the face of the disruption of Blockchain technology.

This happened during DEC FinTech Week 2020 where Brooks suggested banks adapt or die. As they are unlikely to die, Brooks sees a future where banks are connected “Directly to the blockchains, where they will see it as a payment network and will become nodes of that network”.

Without a doubt, a very relevant topic currently in the crypto community.

In a few lines …

  • Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Finance, believes that Blockchain technology is adapted to the interests of the State, not Bitcoin.
  • IMF publishes a report discussing the potential of CBDCs.
  • Anthony Pompliano He suggested that the crypto community should fund a commercial for Bitcoin in the Super Bowl.

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