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How does the Bitcoin business work?


Bitcoin made a precipitous drop in days past. Despite a significant rise earlier in the year, sentiment for the near term has quickly turned bearish. However, for large investors this means a great business opportunity to make money.

While the beginners get rid of their positions, as a result of hasty decisions due to fear, the whales take the opportunity to take discount prices, understanding that there is an intrinsic value that sooner or later will be reflected in the price. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

So, the more the price falls, the chance of winning with BTC is greater. And, in that situation, you must decide what are the best ways to earn money with Bitcoin for your investment to be successful. But that only you can decide, based on your own research.

What are the best Bitcoin business opportunities?

Holding company

I consider the holding company to be the least risky way of doing business with Bitcoin., and the one that should be your first option when starting in this world.

This form of investment consists of buying BTC units in the spot market (cash), mainly through exchanges.

In order to make money with holding, the coin tender must wait for the price to increase. For this reason, it is necessary to make a conscious purchase at the lowest possible price, based on arguments that support such an increase.

The holding company must always think in the long term, avoiding being aware of all the movements that your asset makes.

Impulsive price tracking is not recommended for this style of investment. It is necessary that the risk and objectives are established before the purchase.

Because it is a long-term style, your exposure to risk is lower by making fewer entries and exits to the market.

In short, the Bitcoin business through the Holding may be one of the most profitable alternatives.


It is currently one of the most popular ways to earn money online. It consists of the active sale and purchase of any type of financial product, mainly those belonging to markets with high liquidity.

It is characterized by the high risk that the investor must assume, because the greater the number of entries and exits to the market, the greater the possibility that its capital will fall into total bankruptcy.

For this reason, this style should be used with great caution and with approved knowledge based on a statistic that always puts the odds in the investor’s favor.

Thanks to the advancement of the Internet, nowadays it is really easy to access reliable broker services, which allow you to trade cryptocurrencies from home, such as Plus500, Binance or XTB.

The business of Bitcoin through trading can be very profitable if you know how to invest in periods of high volatility, such as the one currently experienced by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bitcoin loans

It is a fairly new alternative to make money with Bitcoin, but it does not stop it from being interesting.

Loans are offered through smart contract platforms, which allow crypto asset holders to make their belongings available to earn interest.

In turn, users can also apply for credits based on the amount of funds available and thus use a form of leverage to earn money from the price rises of cryptocurrencies.

The owner of the money starts earning interest from the moment he deposits his funds.

Because smart contracts eliminate intermediaries, the interest rate the lender earns is higher than that offered by traditional banks.

Bitcoin’s business in the lending sector should be a small part of the investment portfolio, as there is a risk that the money will not be returned, however trustworthy the reputation is to whom the money is given.

Bitcoin mining

And last but not least, mining, a fairly popular way to make money from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but one that hangs in the balance when sharp declines take over market sentiment.

Mining is the use of powerful hardwares to solve mathematical operations, which validate transactions on blockchains, better known as Blockchain.

Each transaction or block resolution generates a commission for the miners who were working to make that possible, and this is where the profits for this form of business come from.

But not everything is pink, this form of investment also involves risks.

Hardwares used for mining are expensive and, in addition, they consume a lot of energy.

Commissions for mining are paid in the Blockchain cryptocurrency in which the transaction was validated.

In this way, if the currency loses value, the miner will also stop making money.

So if the cost of production is greater than the cost of profit, loss is inevitable.

But what if the price goes up? Unfortunately, the complexity of mining will also be greater, consequently, the activity is more expensive.

However, the coins saved when the price was low recover their value.

Bitcoin’s business in the mining sector can be very attractive in certain periods of time, it is not so in times where the price of BTC is low, since if you do not have the ability to wait, you should settle below the price of production.


And these are the best ways to do business with Bitcoin that we bring you from CryptoTrend. Similarly, it is important to remember that before opting for any of them, it is essential that you do your own research on them.

I hope this article has been to your liking and you have understood the different ways of doing business with Bitcoin. Let us know your opinion in the comments, we will be happy to read you.

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