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How much is 1 Bitcoin trading in euros?


Since the end of World War II, the international economy has revolved around the US dollar. And by extension, the crypto world currencies have also. However, more and more another currency is gaining relevance in the international market: the euro. So today we will comment on how much 1 Bitcoin is traded in euros.

The role of the euro in the world

Today, few could doubt that the world’s great superpower is the United States, followed from a distance by the People’s Republic of China. And although there is no other nation that can compare to the power of these giants alone, there is a continent that if united, not only reaches but also exceeds the great powers of the world.

Since its founding, the European Union has become a major player in world economic affairs. A reinforced position after the creation of the eurozone and with it the euros, the European currency.

Currency that has given it greater leverage in the international economy. As countries begin to use it as a currency in their transactions, as well as an international reserve asset.

A trend that has reached the crypto market, where it is increasingly common to find exchanges in which currencies such as Bitcoin are traded for euros. Thus opening the doors of the crypto world and Blockchain technology, to European users eager to acquire crypto assets.

How much is 1 Bitcoin worth in euros?

And it is that, on many occasions, the fact that the currency of a country is not accepted by an exchange, is a factor that prevents users from participating in the exchange platform. On the contrary, looking for a company where they can carry out transactions with their local currency, without the need to make changes in the money market that may not benefit them.

In the case of the eurozone, this means hundreds of millions of potential users, who would not participate in the sale and purchase of Bitcoin on an exchange where euros are not accepted.

So European exchanges like Bitpanda, or international ones like, have made their cryptocurrency exchange market for euros one of their main characteristics.

At the same time as giants like Binance, they enable the use of euros in the purchase of P2P cryptocurrencies.

Because of this, the question of how much 1 Euro Bitcoin is trading can be quickly answered. Undoubtedly, BTC is in the order of 6,675 euros per token. A reference that opens the doors to users from all over Europe, to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies. And that makes the crypto world much richer and with greater possibilities.

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