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How much is the gap between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?


Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash continue to separate in every possible way, but a difference strikes the naked eye. We are referring to the gap between the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Thus studying the differences between BTC and BCH.

Let’s put the Coronavirus issue aside for a moment, of course without first telling him to respect the quarantine issue and please wash our hands! And now let’s talk about these two important cryptocurrencies.

Gap between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

As we well know, in the middle of 2017, a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created using a BTC core Hard Fork. This in response to the incredibly high costs, and endless transaction times that the Bitcoin Blockchain presented back then.

The first gap between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash had been created. Bitcoin Cash had a much larger block size (32 MB), which allowed reducing both the transaction cost and the validation time. In a year where Bitcoin reached $ 20,000 in December 2017.

Specifically, the crypto community complained about original size of BTC, of 1 MB per block, which caused the slowdown of transaction validation times.

Which in turn would cause in the future a limitation of the potential for the massification of Bitcoin, not a mistaken thought, since it is a current problem of Bitcoin compared to the other altcoins.

How does the gap develop?

2017 was a very chaotic date. As soon as the Hard Fork of BTC is made for BCH to be born, the gap between the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is generated. As expected, not many bet on the new altcoin, so its price dropped rapidly.

Bitcoin Cash behavior in 2017. Source: CoinMarketCap.

In July 2017 each BCH cost $ 549 and BTC instead $ 2,700. The gap between them was approximately 1: 5. In other words, with a BTC you could acquire 5 BCH.

In December of that same year, BTC reached $ 20,000. Instead BCH was trading at $ 4,100. The gap between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash had narrowed to 4.8.

But, from there everything was in free fall. The BCH price since then has only followed a downward trend. Sure, with its normal Bull Runs, as its father, Bitcoin has marked the way forward.

Currently, each BCH is trading at $ 220. Almost half of its creation price. Instead Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 6,500, representing a gap between Bitcoin Cash and BTC of almost 30.

In other words, with a single Bitcoin you could acquire 30 BCH, surprising? Even in December 2018, this gap could reach 42.

The time seems long before BCH can hit its all-time high again. Many talk that it may be destined to die, that its mission was not to impersonate Bitcoin, as its creators expected. Perhaps their goal was to show the world the shortcomings of BTC, and that the technology behind BTC can mutate if desired.

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