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How much will Bitcoin be worth in 2020? – TREND CRYPT


Bitcoin’s future in the short, medium and long term is a question mark for many of us. We are witnesses of its volatility, of its returns, but in the same way we always want something to guide our actions in the market. So here we show you the forecasts of how much Bitcoin will be worth in 2020, 2025 and 2030 according to experts.

Forecasts for the value of Bitcoin in 2020

At the end of 2019, many expert analysts of the crypto world affirmed that Bitcoin would exceed its historical price especially after Halving. So far, Halving has not happened but we did see very bad days for BTC, such as last March 12.

Despite this, many bet on Bitcoin this 2020. First, we have the founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, who maintains that Bitcoin is preparing to go through one of the best moments in its history.

This is thanks to the influence of liquidity injection into the economy by governments to combat the effects of COVID-19, and also by Bitcoin’s Halving.

Chanpeng Zhao also shares Pompliano’s opinion. His answer to how much Bitcoin will be worth in 2020, is that its price could increase a lot in the coming months.

Zhao is the CEO and founder of the crypto exchange Binance, and one of the most recognized and respected figures in the crypto community.

Similarly, Bobby Lee estimated that Bitcoin could reach $ 10,000 in May and $ 25,000 in December. Lee is the CEO and founder of Ballet, as well as a member of the board of directors of the Bitcoin foundation. Going more long-term last November, the CEO predicted that BTC will hit $ 500,000 by 2028.

Finally, another of the big optimists of these Coronavirus-time Bitcoin predictions is Tim Draper. And it is that, for the billionaire investor, once the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus passes, banks and governments will no longer be the fundamental factor of the economy to begin to be Bitcoin. One of the most radical visions of what will happen.

Bitcoin value predictions for 2025 and 2030

Following Draper’s views, with Halving the value of Bitcoin could hit a record high of $ 250,000 by 2022.

Likewise, Richard Ells, the CEO of Electroneum, stated that in the short term: “It would be foolish to expect anything other than severe volatility in the cryptocurrency market.”

However, once the storm has passed, the price is expected to start rising again. So by 2025, ceteris paribus, Bitcoin could have far exceeded its all-time high.

On the other hand, last year the Deutsche Bank assured in its latest investigation that cryptocurrencies could replace cash by 2030. This German giant published this prediction in a report related to cryptocurrencies, entitled “Imagine 2030”. Bitcoins stand out as the leading cryptocurrencies even in that year.

In the document, it was reported that digital currencies have been shown as “additions” rather than “substitutes” in the financial world so far. However, for the next decade that could change. This being so, by 2030 great things are also predicted for the cryptocurrency industry in general.

Making predictions about how much Bitcoin will be worth in 2020, 2025 and 2030 is a challenge that many crypto analysts have taken on. Find out what they said.
The forecasts for the value of Bitcoin in 2020 through 2030 are largely optimistic. Pompliano, Zhao, Draper and even Deutsche Bank have put it this way. Source: Coin News

Divergent views

Of course, as is always the case within the crypto community, there is no consensus on how much Bitcoin will be worth in the future. So far, we have shown optimistic forecasts, however there are some experts who differ.

These analysts bet well on the collapse of Bitcoin or at least consider the optimistic forecasts of the rest almost impossible. An example of this is Peter Brandt, who considers that the situation generated by COVID-19 in the Bitcoin market has completely changed the trends within the cryptocurrency.

Brant used to believe that Bitcoin could be entering a bullish rally as big as 2017. But, after the first collapses generated by the pandemic, he would have announced the possibility of a BTC drop to $ 1,000.

This scenario is similar to that of Chris Burniske, a Placeholder partner. For Burniske, the market situation is so delicate that we could still see the BTC minimum in years. Being able to drop the cryptocurrency once again below $ 4,000, as he commented when giving his Bitcoin predictions on his Twitter account.

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