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How to bet with cryptocurrencies in quarantine?


At CriptoTendencia we do not stop with quarantine, and today we continue to bring you options for you to use your cryptocurrencies during this period. For this reason, today we want to talk to you about one of the least used alternatives available to crypto users: betting with cryptocurrencies.

Why bet with cryptocurrencies?

First of all, from CryptoTrend we must make a clarification, before explaining how to start betting with cryptocurrencies. Well, while betting on different games of chance is not bad in itself, if we do not do it in moderation it can end up becoming a vice and seriously affecting our mental health.

Thus, We invite you that if you finally decide to bet on the platforms that we will recommend, do so in moderation.

That being said, at this point our readers are probably asking, why use our cryptocurrencies to gamble instead of investing elsewhere? After all, with such a large universe of financial products that we can put our cryptocurrencies in, it seems pointless to use them in games of chance.

But the truth is that, in the midst of a situation as difficult as the one we are experiencing, with humanity facing the Coronavirus, the worst pandemic it has known in decades. It is necessary that we keep our minds relaxed, and do not let the anxiety of confinement dominate us.

Therefore, we want to emphasize that, beyond the markets, investments, and all the topics that we love to review here. We must take time for ourselves where we can de-stress and recharge our minds before continuing to work during quarantine.

And for this, the two betting platforms that we bring you today are perfect.

Sports and slots with Sportsbet

The first platform that we want to show you in this article is Sportsbet. A cryptocurrency betting page, which is primarily dedicated to receiving bets on sporting events. This does not mean that it does not also have a section specialized in traditional casino games.

Thus, within you can find from the classic slot machines, to virtual tables of Blackjack, Baccarat, roulette, and many other options. Being able to bet on any of them using your Bitcoin, or some other electronic payment method such as Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, AstroPay Card and your classic credit cards.

A more traditional casino: Bitcasino

On the other hand, if you consider that when sporting events restart you will not be interested in betting on them. Perhaps the best option for you is a more traditional casino like It is a platform for betting with cryptocurrencies, specifically focused on gambling.

With which, we will have at our disposal a wide variety of themed slots to bet on. In addition to roulette tables, Baccarat, Blackjack, High Hand Holder, and many other options. Accepting, like Sportsbet, your Bitcoin as a means of payment for betting. So you would have two trustworthy options to bet with cryptocurrencies and distract yourself during this quarantine.

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