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How to buy Disney stocks with Bitcoin


Investing in the stock market has long been available to everyone, thanks to online brokers, which from a small amount of money allow you to invest in stocks from anywhere in the world. Today I will tell you how you can buy Disney shares with Bitcoin.

There are various alternatives to buy shares of a specific company, such as through your bank, through a stock agency, or through an alternative method such as contracts for difference (CFD).

In this case I will explain step by step how to buy Disney shares through CFDs using Bitcoin.. It is worth clarifying that this process serves to buy any share that is traded in the broker.

Buy Disney stocks with Bitcoin step by step

For the development of this example of how to buy Disney shares with Bitcoin, we are going to use the SimpleFX online broker, which allows deposit in BTC, among other cryptocurrencies.

The explanation will be step by step to facilitate the process.

1- Enter the SimpleFX broker

The first step is to enter the broker, if you do not have an account you can create it here in 1 minute. It only asks for an email address.

After entering the e-mail and accepting the terms and conditions, you must click on Create Account (Create Account). A screen will open indicating that we must confirm activation of the account in the email we entered.

2- Create a new password

After confirming the account, we will be asked to create a password.

Create a password

3- Deposit funds

In this step we will have to deposit funds in the account to be able to carry out the operations.

Deposit funds into SimpleFX account
Deposit funds into SimpleFX account

We click Deposit funds (deposit funds) and in this case we choose Bitcoin as the method. In addition, the country of residence must be selected.

As you can see on the screen below there is no minimum deposit, and the accreditation time is one hour (usually it is credited in 30 minutes or less).

We choose Bitcoin as a deposit method

We click Deposit (Deposit) and it will show us a BTC address to make the deposit. For this example I will make an income of US $ 50 (0.052 BTC at the current exchange rate).

In less than an hour you can verify your real account (Live) that you have the deposit credited.

Bitcoin account balance at SimpleFX
Bitcoin account balance at SimpleFX

Done, we already have the credited money to make investments. In this example we are going to buy Disney stock.

4- Buy Disney shares

To do this we go to Symbols (Symbols) and we put the initials of the financial instrument to invest, in this case Disney (Dis).

From the same financial instrument you can open the purchase order for Disney shares. For this we select New order (New order).

In this case we are going to buy 5 Disney shares, which requires a margin of 0.0012 BTC. We do it at market price (Market). We click confirm (Submit) and ready.

At the bottom you can see that the order is executed. It only remains to place the take profit (profit) and stop loss (loss).

View of the Disney purchase order on the SimpleFX web platform

In this case, the purchase price was 117.80, placing the profit at 118.30 and the maximum loss at 117.30.

Useful tips

  • When buying a CFD of a stock, in this case from Disney, you invest in a price direction, which can be bullish or bearish. In itself there is no action. In simpler words, it is a bet on the price of the asset.
  • Always but always place a stop loss order to minimize losses in case the price goes against.
  • Don’t use excessive financial leverage. It is good to have enough margin in the account to avoid so-called “margin calls”.
  • If you want to buy shares at a certain price, you can use a scheduled order. Thus, you will be investing in the price that you consider most appropriate.

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