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How to earn 1 Bitcoin during quarantine?


The Coronavirus is ravaging the world, not only because of the loss of human life, but also in the economy. In this post I am going to tell you 5 ideas so you can earn at least 1 Bitcoin during quarantine.

The pandemic unleashed a few months ago by COVID-19 has forced all of us to reinvent ourselves, as it has been shown that nothing is and will not be safe in the future, except a fixed salary. We are in a moment of humanity where everything hangs by a thread.

Most countries in the world are printing money on a daily basis in order to subsidize their economies, which are deteriorating more and more. This only causes one thing: that money is worth less. This is where Bitcoin can play a crucial role in the future.

If you have the possibility to buy 1 Bitcoin, do it and stay Hold, in a few years you will thank me. If you can not buy it, like most, I recommend the list that I will share below with 5 ideas so you can earn 1 Bitcoin, or even more during this break.

1- Freelance Work

Freelance is the current and future work trend, since it allows you to do it from home and manage your times. Best of all, more and more companies pay with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

Without going any further from CryptoTrend we pay our journalists in Bitcoin. Another example may be that of Binance, which constantly hires new collaborators who are remunerated with cryptocurrencies.

If you take Freelance seriously, you can earn much more than 1 Bitcoin.

2- Affiliate Systems to earn 1 Bitcoin

This is one of the remote jobs with the most potential to earn money, especially in cryptocurrencies. There are several alternatives, one of the most reliable being the Binance program, since it offers high commissions with immediate payments.

All you have to do is access your Binance account, and there you go to the Referral option, get your link and share it. It’s that simple!

I have been using the Binance affiliate system for just over a year and it has given me good results. I’ve gotten 1.5 BTC commissions so far.

3- Crypto Loans

Another interesting alternative to earn money passively, is by lending your cryptocurrencies, which can generate interest on a recurring basis.

Although the rates are not that high, it can be an option to complement the BTC or crypto that we have “idle”.

This is an option that you will need a lot of capital to be able to earn 1 Bitcoin or more, so it should be used only to generate extra money, and complement it with the other options discussed in this post.

4- Trading Bitcoin to earn 1 Bitcoin

Trading is one of the activities that can be done from home with the most potential for profit. While it is not an easy thing, it is well worth a try, as therein lies the true potential of earning much more than 1 Bitcoin.

It is worth clarifying that if you do not have experience in trading, you must train first, since you could lose money, even everything.

As a tip, start practicing on demo accounts, and when you get good results, start with small deposits, then jump with more force.

In this quarantine you can start learning about Trading, and best of all for free.

5- Bitcoin donations

To finish, you have the option to receive donations in cryptocurrencies. You just need a BTC address, and voila. It is one of the simplest options, but not for that reason less powerful.

It is worth clarifying that you must give something in return, such as writing content, providing valuable information to important networks such as Steem, among a host of other possibilities.

Final thoughts

All the options that I have listed in this post have been tried, otherwise I would not have written about them. The ones that have given me the best results are the Freelance job, the Binance affiliate system and Trading. This does not imply that in your case it may be different.

There are no more excuses, try some of the alternatives and start earning at least 1 Bitcoin.

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