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IBM: the cloud and the Blockchain complement each other


It’s no secret to anyone, only if you were under a rock; or that you didn’t have; which is practically the same; that IBM is one of the most important powers when we talk about applying Blockchain technology along with other solutions it offers; for example the infinity of cloud services.

According to IBM Vice President of Blockchain Technologies Jerry Cuomo ,; Enterprise blockchain networks is the best ally of Big Blue (the iBM cloud).

Every time a customer trusts our Blockchain technology, it is generating additional benefits in the cloud.

Express Jerry Cuomo

To be more specific, according to the VP, when data is viewed as a whole, each time $ 1 is invested in the IBM Blockchain; $ 15 more is spent on other IBM cloud services.

Blockchain; The new route from IBM?

Some technological experts, outside the influences of this super giant have begun to comment that these figures revealed by the VP; they are only the beginning of a prioritization of the services provided on the technology of blockchain networks.

The revealed data really offers a revealing insight into what could be the next roadmap of International Business Machines. This also occurs when IBM works to integrate its Blockchain solutions aimed at the business public; to endless cloud solutions.

Blockchain is the new class of solutions for entrepreneurs

Expressed Cuomo

According to him, this technology plays with trends such as modernization, and the application of new disruptive techniques; like the cloud, Big Data, Machine learning; Everything joins thanks to Blockchain technology.

Within IBM, blockchain networks are only 20% of all solutions, this 80% can include any other technology.

Regarding IBM’s changing priorities. All the cards were placed on the table in a very aggressive way in the hybrid space between the Blockchain and all the technologies, said Jerry Cuomo.

To put ourselves in context; the hybrid cloud has an approximate value of $ 1.2 billion; according to McKinsey & Company.

Finally the company’s VP noted; “We are very healthy here in the Blockchain ecosystem.”

Even if; The number of incoming projects has stabilized. But, what they have noticed in the IBM team is the quality of the projects and the project sponsors are really thoughtful about what they are doing.

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