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Imagine the next world, part IV: Virtual Reality


Continuing with our series of articles, imagine the world of tomorrow but today, today we find a quarter of seven. On this occasion we met a veteran hero who was once the star here on the page, we refer to the king without a kingdom, the technology of Virtual reality.


As we have stated on several occasions, the technology that reigned during 2019, recognized even by the World Economic Forum, was the Artificial intelligence. However, this does not imply that VR technology did not have its exploits during the year.

Among the greatest achievements that VR technology has achieved is one that we exhibited at the beginning of the year 2019. We refer to the event that the animated film of the Lion King Disney was designed, discussed and recorded with VR. It is up to everyone’s tastes whether or not they liked the way the Disney classic was recreated, however, it is a fact that marked a change in history.

We make this comment because the mouse ears company announced that it will make a modern version of Bambi & Pinocchio. Highlighting that they will again use the VR technology developed, and corrected, to record the films, particularly with the deer.

With this idea, we want to demonstrate the current state of VR technology, differentiating 2019 and 2020. During the past year, various tests were carried out on VR applications outside the video game industry. Therefore, the year 2019 was characterized by the time to evaluate the advances in technology.

Expectations in 2020

Therefore, with respect to the year 2020, it is expected to be the year of perfecting VR technology. Similar to what Disney said, which seek to demonstrate improvements in the system, comparing Lion King with Bambi.

In this way there are other companies that follow the same path, particularly those of psychological treatment. If we remember our articles from the beginning of 2019, we explained that VR technology was being used to support people who need treatment, helping them in their personal cases.

In addition, the implementations that exist in the workplace, such as the industries that are beginning to design their products. From fashion companies that manage to use VR to design their items, to the automotive industry to assemble cars in the virtual world.

Imagine the world with virtual reality


However, unlike the cases we previously discussed as autonomous technologies or smart homes, VR technology presents some important obstacles. These problems exist since the same technology was created, dragging them from the beginning.

One of the most important, which must be admitted that it has been improving over the years, is the fatigue generated by VR lenses. In the end, these helmets work as if the person had mini screens very close to the eyes, so they tire the eyes. In addition, because of being somewhat unnatural, there are people unable to use this technology because of the nausea generated, since they affect the balance of the person.

The next important problem to solve is the accessibility to these platforms, highlighting that it is on both sides. By this we mean that from the point of view of the consumer a VR helmet is considerably expensive. In addition, this market is also expensive for VR application developers, since it requires special equipment and more time for those involved.

Imagine the next world

However, as the title of the series of articles says, let’s imagine the world that comes thanks to Virtual Reality technology. Thanks to Disney we can create a movie, however, there are still projects that want to introduce us to movies thanks to this technology.

In addition, the entire video game industry that is forming behind Virtual Reality technology, being the basis and foundations for new development opportunities.

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