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Imagine the world to come, part III: Smart Homes


Continuing with the third installment of articles on how our world will be with technology. In this edition we bring a theme that unifies Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technology. This time the focus is on the smart homes.


Also known as «smart homes«Smart homes refer to people’s residences being customizable with technology to improve their quality of life. The last three words should be highlighted, since they are necessary requirements to achieve this level.

By this we mean that you can customize a home with paint, however this does not help your quality of life as such. In addition, they can improve the technology of their homes with a better quality color television, but it does not support them in their lives. However, by unifying them, you get a smart home.

For this reason in particular IoT technology stands out, since it allows technology to connect between them, facilitating tasks in the palm of one hand. In addition, later artificial intelligence was united, allowing to learn uniquely from each person in the house.

Therefore, in practical terms, smart homes are unique ecosystems of each person, where each device is the environment and people the life within it.

There are currently two companies that are leading the smart home market, which is what provides the soil for the ecosystem. One of them is Amazon, with your representative Alexa, which allows you to connect to various platforms, such as Samsung or other allied companies. However, the other company seems to be investing considerably in this subject, being Google with the constantly evolving platform Google Assistant.

It should be noted that Google is a powerful opponent when considering that owning an Android cell phone, you already have a trained smart assistant, so when you connect to the home platform training is easier. Also, remember your latest tool to control the smart home: Smart displays.

Internet of Things: Smart Displays Device

Trends for 2020

Forbes people made an article about the trends to consider for this year 2020 on smart homes. However, of the list that they expose particularly we want to highlight two:

Standards within the only

While each smart home is unique and different from the others, a theme they do share is the technology needed to build homes. In this sense we mean that they can have the same model of a refrigerator or coffee maker. However, depending on which home device you use, whether Google or Amazon, it will require a special device. For example, a Xiaomi device is not compatible with Google but with Amazon.

Therefore, according to the people of Forbes, this 2020 suggests that these compatibility obstacles will be corrected. In this way certain constant standards for technologies will be established, highlighting that it will be the same market that determines it.

Faster networks

In addition, as the name of the IoT says, the connections between the devices occur via the Internet. Therefore, the demand for smart homes suggests that faster networks are needed if you want to evolve. This means that the development of the Internet 5G It is necessary for the future of smart homes.

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