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Information about Bitcoin mining that stood out in the week


This week ending, it was loaded with important information about the mining of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. In this customary summary, we present you the 5 news items that made the headlines on the main portals.

One of the most important aspects that stood out this week is the incorporation of new miners. This fact produced that once again the hash power of Bitcoin reaches a new historical record and is located above 144 EH / s.

It should be noted that, for the last 7 days, not only Bitcoin shone when it comes to virtual mining. In the same scenario, the second cryptocurrency in market capitalization, Ethereum, also came to light, as usual.

These are the 5 information on Bitcoin mining of the week

Cryptocurrency mining, especially Bitcoin and Ether, covered almost the entire spectrum of information during this week, in that area. Here we present the selection of the 5 events that made the news:

  1. Windows 10 computers vulnerable to the reappearance of the botnet “Lemon Duck”.
  2. The market is created “ASIC Jungle”From cryptocurrency mining equipment.
  3. Bitcoin hashrate hits new all-time high.
  4. Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer Ebang bid to continue its expansion.
  5. Ethereum’s hash rate accompanies that of Bitcoin’s growing.

Botnet “Lemon Duck”Mining Monero from compromised computers

The mining botnet “Lemon Duck”, Created in 2018 by an unknown author, has reappeared with a significant increase in activity. Consequently, according to researchers, the malware has been more active since last August.

With information related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the botnet arrives as an email message. Once opened, it is installed on the victim computers and using its computing power, starts with mining, not Bitcoin, but Monero, which allows a greater range of impunity.

Likewise, another important aspect of malware is that, as soon as the computer is infected, it has access to Outlook mail. From the team’s address, he sends the aforementioned message to the inbox of all the contacts on the list.

In ASIC Jungle Second-hand miners will be commercialized

As reported by its creators, ASIC Jungle, becomes the first market for Bitcoin mining equipment. It is presented as an alternative to the Telegram channels that, until now, were one of the few that offered used equipment for sale.

At the moment, a beta version has been launched, whose name is, “the first mining hardware market”. Now, the importance of this project, explained its CEO, Artem Bespaloff to the CoinTeltegraph portal, is that it is a market without intermediaries.

It is the first and only Bitcoin mining equipment online marketplace where buyers can interact directly with sellers.”, He specified. In this sense, he stated, “any kind of things”That happen on Telegram channels.

Bitcoin hashrate hits a new all-time high

The growth and expansion of Bitcoin mining remains unstoppable and continues to generate information on matters of great interest. In this case, it highlights the new historical ceiling that reached the computing power of the most important of the cryptocurrencies.

Thus, according to graphs from the portal, the Bitcoin hash rate reaches 144.3 EH / s. It is the highest point in the history of this cryptocurrency created just over a decade ago.

This fact is explained due to the huge amount of Bitcoin mining equipment that has recently been incorporated into the network. It is noteworthy, the contribution in this of Western companies such as Marathon, Core Scientific Y Riot Blockchain, which have made multi-million dollar equipment purchases throughout the year.

Bitcoin hashrate reaches a new all-time high due to the incorporation of new mining equipment, it is the most important of the information on this area. Source:

Ebang continues with its expansion

Chinese Bitcoin mining equipment maker Ebang is continuing its efforts to expand around the world. Consequently, its most recent tentacle reaches New Zealand.

In that nation of Oceania, Ebang plans to acquire a financial firm to establish a local platform for finance services and digital assets.

As reported in a document, the purchase request was made on October 14. However, the name of the firm to be acquired was not disclosed.

This manufacturer of Bitcoin mining equipment listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Nasdaq), in the words of its CEO, Dong Hu, will continue its expansion. To do this, it will take advantage of its experience in the Blockchain area, as it is already doing in Canada and Singapore.

Ebang shares on Nasdaq. Source: Investing

Ethereum is not lagging behind in hashrate growth

The second largest cryptocurrency in market capitalization, Ethereum, has not lost its way to Bitcoin. In this sense, its hashrate is located at 264.1 GH / s, according to data from Etherscan.

Although it is not a historical record as it has happened with Bitcon, it is a significant increase that expresses the growth of Ethereum mining. Despite this, a rise of this magnitude has not been observed since 2018 in this digital currency.

Ethereum’s historical limit in computing power was reached on August 9, 2018. On that occasion, it reached 295.9 GH / s.

Data to take into consideration

  • The “Lemon Duck” botnet had been practically inactive since its creation in 2018. Starting in August, it has begun to exploit Windows 10 computers.
  • The Chinese manufacturer of Bitcoin mining equipment, Ebang, keeps its shares on Nasdaq at $ 9.34.
  • Ethehreum and Bitcoin hashrate rank high, indicating a huge boom in virtual mining.
  • With the new market ASIC Jungle, you can buy used equipment directly from the seller, without intermediaries.

If you think that during the week there was news of great impact, related to the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, that we did not take into account in this summary, please let us know in the comments. We’ll be thankfull.

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