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Is it possible to be a millionaire investing $ 1 per day in Bitcoin?


We all know that Bitcoin (BTC) is extremely volatile, and not everyone is willing to position all our money and savings in cryptocurrencies. Whether we are afraid, we don’t know what we are doing; or the opposite; or we simply do not have the financial capacity to do so.

But, and if we study the case of having invested $ 1 a day in BTC. That is, $ 365 in a year. Would we be millionaires? 🤑

$ 1 daily in Bitcoin

First, we must say that we will make several assumptions. Like investing that dollar daily in BTC would not fade into commissions, or that we would have invested 5 years ago to the present.

The manager of Blocktown Capital, James Todaro; He shared a short 40-second video that answers the question we mentioned. Is it possible to be a millionaire investing $ 1 per day in Bitcoin?

Investing just one US dollar daily in BTC for 5 years, would have yielded an incredible 12x yield. According to Todaro an investment of $ 1,850 in Bitcoin today would be worth $ 22,000; even if we take into account the violent jumps that the value of BTC has had since 2015 to date.

Like the volatility that led BTC to $ 20,000 in December of 2017, then the terrible fall that led to $ 3,000, then to $ 14,000, until reaching the day today in which each BTC token has a $ 9,200 value.

While many within the traditional financial world; and even within the same cryptoverse; they see Bitcoin (BTC) as another speculative asset. The truth is that, as we have expressed the world’s first cryptocurrency is the best refuge of value that exists; and we can even say that he multiplies (several times) the savings of his most faithful hodls.

Even the smallest small investment in BTC produces incredible returns.

Expressed the manager of Blocktown Capital, James Todaro.

So, if you think that $ 1 per day in BTC is too small to become a millionaire; you’re right; We would not have become millionaires. But did you think I was going to have that spectacular return? Todaro simply demonstrated what in CritpoTendencia we have expressed, BTC is the best investment in the history of mankind.

It’s possible?

The video naturally received very good comments, mainly from the Bitcoiners. But at the same time there were a lot of comments that point to a truth! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO INVEST $ 1 IN BITCOIN!

The comments were as follows:

  • There is no crypto exchange that allows such a small purchase of BTC (the minimum purchase in Coinbase is $ 2 and charges $ 1 for it).
  • never has the real price of BTC (usually higher).
  • Lightning Network transactions did not exist in 2015 when this experiment began.

Then, in the best case to be able to invest $ 1 in BTC for 5 years, it would have cost twice what Todaro expresses.

The next question we ask ourselves is: What are you waiting to invest $ 1; or more, daily in BTC ?. Maybe in 5 years these small investments if we become millionaires.

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Ernesto Briceño Leonett

Economics student of the UCV. Defender of individual freedoms and of course also of the market and cryptocurrencies.

Ernesto Briceño Leonett

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