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It is not time for panic


Panic is never a good counselor when making financial decisions. Especially when you are going through one of the harshest political, health and economic crises that humanity can remember. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary for someone to remind us that it is not the end of the world and, therefore, it is not a time for panic. And that is what Anthony Pompliano tries to express in the Tweet of today:

Is it time for panic in the crypto world?

That the entire world is going through one of the most difficult crises in history, it is no secret to absolutely anyone. The effects that the expansion of Coronavirus has had worldwide, only on people’s health, are immense. With thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of infected people distributed among all countries.

This, without taking into account the devastating effects that the disease has had on the markets. Causing a pronounced collapse in the main stock exchanges on the planet. And forcing governments to promise multimillion-dollar stimulus packages, to try to build confidence in the markets, and stop what aims to be the most serious economic recession since Crack ’29.

In a context like this, it is normal for most people to think that the time has come for panic and try to get out of their financial assets as soon as possible, so as not to suffer the losses that the crisis will bring. An attitude that according to Anthony Pompliano, on his Twitter account, would not be very smart:

While most people are becoming incredibly defensive financially, the world’s richest are preparing to deploy billions in an effort to buy all the cheap assets. Educate yourselves. No one is taking care of them

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