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Italian Red Cross seeks Bitcoin funds


If humanity had ever been faced with a common challenge, it is now. Coronavirus, the disease recently declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, is wreaking havoc on the health and economy of more and more countries. There are cases as dramatic as that of Italy, the country in which the Red Cross would be looking for donations to attend the emergency, in Bitcoin.

The mission is to flatten the curve

The health emergency created by the expansion of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has found many countries without a clear strategy to deal with it. This has put them in a desperate situation, with contagion rates too high to be managed successfully by their health systems.

As our bodies do not have any defense against the Coronavirus, the best strategy for any country is the one known as “flatten the curve”.

This tries to decrease the rate of spread of the Coronavirus, limiting the number of people who need medical attention at the same time. And, therefore, avoiding the collapse of our health systems.

This is what a country like South Korea has been doing, where thanks to this the mortality rate of the disease has remained below 1%. While others like Italy, and in general all of the European Union, have not managed to keep the disease contained in time, facing harsh consequences today.

As of today, the number of deaths from the Coronavirus in Italy amounts to 1,445 people, with a number of deaths yesterday of 175.

These are the worst figures for the pandemic in the western world. And a fact that has put the European country in a frankly desperate situation, in which any support it may receive is important.

The Red Cross accepts Bitcoin

This has led the Italian government to ask for the support of the international community. Especially by going to the European Union for help to fight the Coronavirus. But accepting the support and experience of countries like China, which has already been fighting the disease for several months.

As a consequence, the Italian Red Cross and the Colli Albani Committee have begun to seek funds on their own to combat the Coronavirus. Partnering with cryptocurrency company Helperbit to establish a mechanism to receive donations in Bitcoin.

With this campaign it is expected to reach the figure of 10,000 euros in donations, which will go to the construction of a new second-level medical post, where it can attend to Coronavirus cases in Italy.

This is expected to lessen the pressure on the country’s hospital system. Which does not have the capacity to face a crisis of this magnitude.

Thus, Bitcoin would be demonstrating its ability to, in the midst of a global crisis like the one we face in the Coronavirus, manage to channel in a simple way the donations that are received worldwide.

Situation that would show how cryptocurrencies can lend their support to beat the pandemic. What makes this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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