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Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, believes in Bitcoin


Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, offered an interview through a podcast where he talked about Artificial Intelligence, engineering and Bitcoin.

During an appearance on the Artificial Intelligence Podcast with MIT research scientist Lex Fridman. Dorsey praised the decision to attribute the original cryptocurrency to a pseudonym rather than tie it to a real identity or release it anonymously to the world.

Dorsey believes that this anonymity builds tangibility and a little empathy. This thanks to the possibility that this was the product of a human or a group of humans. He assured that there is a natural identity that can be imagined.

Jack Dorsey considers himself a Hacker

For his part, Fridman asked Dorsey how he did to create the magic behind the engineering, which consolidated the success behind Square. Fridman highlighted the good of engineering scale infrastructure as a developer.

However, Jack Dorsey claimed to be a hacker, and not a legitimate software engineer. He said that his focus has always been to do what is necessary for his company to function with determination. Transforming access to many people who may have potential to develop large projects.

Square is the company that also runs and manufactures the device that turns smartphones into debit and credit card readers. Dorsey is focused not only on innovative ideas, but also on radically different types of business structure to contain and develop them.

Everyone benefits from open source

He felt that everyone has benefited from the open source community. He highlighted the wonderful thing about having a system that does not crash frequently and that security is capable of taking care of everything.

Square is not just transactions. Dorsey wants to help retailers run their businesses more efficiently by offering better information and bringing them closer to their customers.

For Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, transparency and trust are key to the success of this organization.

Dorsey said that everyone who works for him knows what the company is doing and why. He shared that he established an amazing rule in Square: In any meeting involving more than two people, someone must take notes, and then send them to all staff.

No matter what the meeting is about: bug fixes, new partnerships, pending contracts, a new release, important measurements. Everyone knows what it is about. Dorsey says she normally receives 30 to 40 meeting notes per day.

Dorsey commented that they realized that their business focus was not just about hardware manufacturing, but allowing people to enter the system, so it became their challenge.

Trust in Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, faithfully reaffirmed his belief in Bitcoin. He has long promoted the use of cryptocurrencies in both his personal and professional life.

He has increased the weekly purchase limit of $ 10,000 through the Square Cash App, as confirmed on Twitter, and has spoken frequently about the principles and values ​​that keep him in the orbit of Bitcoin.

Dorsey considered the Bitcoin White Paper to be one of the most important computing jobs in the past 20-30 years and said it was poetry. Consider it to be a really great technology.

He also expressed that Bitcoin is moving the world forward in an extremely noble and honorable way. While allowing everyone to be part of the story, he considered it great as it is the native currency for the Internet.

Bitcoin challenge from a personal Dorsey anecdote

On the podcast, Dorsey recounted an anecdote about an African businessman she met who ran a ridesharing service similar to Lyft-Uber, but was having trouble with payments, whether it was paying her own drivers or whether clients paid for the trips.

Between the hassle of payment systems and the elements of corruption there are, Dorsey said he sees a great opportunity for Bitcoin to make a radical change on the continent.

“I think as we achieve a more durable, robust and global standard, we will see much more innovation everywhere.” Dorsey said.

“I think there is no better case study for this than the various countries in Africa and their entrepreneurs who are trying to start things within health, sustainability or transportation.”

When asked if Bitcoin has the potential to become the world’s leading currency and redefine how money works, he replied in the affirmative.

However, he believes the biggest ramification is how it affects how society works. He believes there are many positive ramifications aside from money.

“Money is a fundamental layer that allows much more”, concluded.

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