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Jeju Island Chooses Blockchain Technology


To recover from tourism losses from COVID-19, South Korea has launched a Blockchain-powered digital application. Specifically, for visitors to Jeju Island, also known as “Bit Island”, due to its adoption of technology.

According to a press release from ICONLOOP, South Korea’s leading Blockchain technology company, now all visitors to Jeju Island will be required to use the Blockchain app.

One of the most popular national tourist destinations in the country, which receives around 15 million visitors a year, they also become an example of the use of technology.


It is a leading Blockchain technology company in South Korea. The company’s technology is used for real-world applications in banking, healthcare, government, and more.

Likewise, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) has approved the decentralized identity authentication (DID) service of ICONLOOP. In the test space of innovative financial services and regulations.

Jeju island

Currently, it is the only autonomous province of South Korea. Besides being the largest island in the country, with approximately 700,000 inhabitants and 15 million visitors a year. Similarly, Jeju Island is home to a small technology hub.

Additionally, in 2005 the Jeju Science Park was created. A complex for technology companies and organizations. As if that were not enough, since its implementation, it has attracted 117 IT and biotechnology companies.

Therefore, the local government wants to strengthen its ability to track visitors in the event of a COVID-19 infection. While ensuring confidentiality.

Agreement between ICONLOOP and Jeju Island

It is worth noting, that ICONLOOP and Jeju Special Autonomous Province have signed a cooperation agreement. First of all, for the prevention of COVID-19 and infectious diseases.

In particular, visitors will use a mobile app to check in at tourist and business destinations on Jeju Island. In reality, your information will remain personal, unless a case of COVID-19 is discovered.

In this regard, Tae-bong Lim, Director of Health and Welfare of Jeju Autonomous Province, said:

“Through this new infectious disease prevention system, Jeju Island will be able to be reborn as a safe and representative tourist destination in Korea.”

He also added: “We hope to revitalize the local economy. Which has been interrupted, due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic“.

Similarly, Jong Hyup Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP stated: “This cooperation with Jeju Island is opening up new possibilities for the real-life application of Blockchain DID authentication. In the post-COVID-19 era“.

Is that how it works

When visitors arrive on Jeju Island:

  1. They need to download the Zzeung mobile app and verify their identity. Through a Korean telecommunications service.
  2. A verifiable credential is issued through a public Blockchain network. Unquestionably, to guarantee that there is no falsification or manipulation of any information.
  3. Visitors must set up fingerprint authentication or a PIN code. Issuing a separate verifiable credential through a private Blockchain network.
  4. Both credentials are securely stored on the visitor’s mobile device.
  5. When visitors check in at tourist attractions using QR codes, only the verifiable credential linked to the fingerprint or PIN is transmitted. For record keeping on a high security private Blockchain network.
  6. The personally identifiable information of each visitor and the records of the places they visit are separated to ensure personal privacy.
  7. In case a COVID-19 case is discovered. Jeju team, can conduct a quick investigation.

Very importantly, business owners do not need to collect or handle any personal information. Which also frees them from any legal risk.

Lastly, for nearly a week, South Korea has faced a sharp resurgence in COVID-19 cases. In this way, ICONLOOP’s collaboration with Jeju Island and Blockchain technology could allow local authorities to slow down the spread of the virus.

So, do you think this will work for them? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.

To conclude, I give you this phrase from Lao Tzu: “Health is the greatest possession. Joy is the greatest treasure. Trust is the greatest friend”.

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