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Join the $ 2000 SimpleFX Trading Cup


Join the SimpleFX $ 2000 Trading Cup as part of the US Elections and take advantage of the volatility with additional rewards!

Everyone expects a bumpy road to this year’s US presidential election. On November 3, the people will choose who will lift the economy ravaged by the pandemic. Typically, a wave of volatility occurs during election years and this presents many profit opportunities for margin traders.

Eyes are on current President and Republican leader Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden as they compete for the presidential seat. Investors and traders keep a close eye on the markets during US election weeks.

These are the key dates and voting deadlines: September 18 (early voting begins), September 29 (first presidential debate: first confrontation between President Trump and Mr. Biden), October 15 (second presidential debate ), October 22 (third presidential debate), November 3 (General Elections).

European leaders appear to favor a stable regime under Biden, with less chance of a currency war between the United States and the euro zone. Trade tension could ease, but there could be higher taxes for high-income households and restricted deregulation.

On the other hand, if President Trump is re-elected, the trade war between the United States and China could escalate, which is problematic for a number of US exporters and hurts the US dollar. However, the promised tax cuts and deregulation could boost the US economy.

Historical data shows that the volatility of stocks and indices, such as SPX500, is higher during election years than in normal years. The markets will repeatedly weigh the possible policies, especially in international trade, of the future administration.

Safe haven assets like gold could fluctuate with market uncertainties and projected economic direction for the next 4 years. Currency pairs like EURUSD and USDJPY are highly likely to be volatile as investors react to what will happen to foreign policies.

The aftermath of the elections could mean major changes in the enactment of laws, monetary policies and administrative policies. The US presidential elections, coupled with the looming pandemic and recession, may trigger decisive changes in financial markets in the coming months.

Join the SimpleFX Trading Cup for $ 2000 as part of the US elections

It is the perfect time to trade with leverage. Margin traders enjoy higher returns in times of volatility. Take advantage of vital market movements and multiply your profits by trading the most popular symbols with additional weekly rewards.

To join the event, simply register with SimpleFX and trade these symbols during the contest period.

SimpleFX WebTrader, the easiest way to trade online
SimpleFX WebTrader, the easiest way to trade online

SimpleFX Trading Cup sessions for $ 2000, in the framework of the US elections

  • EURUSD: $ 500 Trading Contest (September 14-20)
  • SPX500: $ 500 Trading Contest (Sep 28-Oct 4)
  • XAUUSD: $ 500 Trading Contest (October 12-18)
  • USDJPY: $ 500 Trading Contest (Oct 26-Nov 1).

Be one of 20 traders to win incredible prizes each session. The traders with the highest trading volumes will be chosen. Get ready and reach the top to get bigger rewards!

  • 1st place: $ 150
  • 2nd place: $ 90
  • 3rd place: $ 60
  • 4th to 10th place: $ 21.43
  • 11th to 20th place: $ 10

Please note that only one SimpleFX live account for a trader can be used to enter the contest. If you have two or more SimpleFX accounts, it will be considered the account with the highest volume of operations in the symbol in question, during the established period of operation.

Trading CFDs on SimpleFX allows you to earn while speculating on the price of an asset. Bet on the long term if you think the price will go up. Bet on the short term if you think it will decrease. SimpleFX offers up to 500x leverage, no fees, no KYC for cryptocurrency-based accounts, and no minimum deposits.

Do not lose this opportunity. Make sure your trading accounts are ready for one of the biggest events this year!

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