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Join the PrimeBit Demo Contest with a prize of 5000 USDT


PrimeBit is one of the main options for exchanging Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum contracts on computer or mobile. It is a free-to-use P2P online trading application where merchants can buy and sell cryptocurrency contracts with up to 200x leverage. The PrimeBit Demo Trading Contest allows traders to compete for their part in the prize pool of 5000 USDT!

The PrimeBit Demo Trading Contest has officially started. Thus, this contest aims to encourage everyone to trade crypto derivatives without having to risk any real capital.

Therefore, by entering the contest, participants will be able to get to know the world of trading, learn the trading process, plan trading strategies, and polish their trading skills while earning rewards.

How to enter the PrimeBit demo trading contest?

It is simple. Participants can go to the PrimeBit contest page and register using their email addresses. Immediately after registering, they can access their demo contest accounts with an initial deposit of USD5,000 of demo funds.

Participants must use these demo funds to trade any PrimeBit instrument and accumulate the most winnings during the contest period, from October 19 to November 15, 2020. There is absolutely no risk because there is no need to transfer real money to contest accounts. They can only trade with demo funds.

At the end of the contest, participants will be ranked according to their generated income. The top earning traders in their contest account can take their share of the 5000 USDT prize pool.

Winners Awards

A total of 5000 USDT of prizes will be given away!

The main prize is 3,500 USDT, which will be divided among the 50 best traders in the world. The one with the highest trading profit will win the prize of 1000 USDT.

Additionally, 10 weekly winners will receive special prizes totaling 1,500 USDT as a bonus prize.

Advantages of the participants

More rewards await! Contest participants who sign up for a PrimeBit account from September 21 to November 15, 2020 will enjoy free commissions on their real trading account for 14 days starting November 16, 2020.

What is a PrimeBit demo account?

A PrimeBit demo account is a free trading account that you can use like a real trading account. You will experience the actual trading process using actual market data, except that you will use simulated funds to buy or sell any instrument.

In this way, you can gain extensive knowledge of how the trading process works and watch the markets evolve without transferring real money to your account.

By joining this PrimeBit contest, there is absolutely nothing to lose. You gain knowledge and experience in the world of trading. And if you do it right you will have the opportunity to win real money without having to take anything out of your pockets.

Enter the PrimeBit Demo Trading Contest now and be one of the big winners to share the 5000 USDT prize pool!

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