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Josh Goodbody: Post Halving and Binance Card


Halving has already happened, so now we only have to wait for the effects it will have on the Bitcoin market. However, we will present you some highlights of what happened in the #BinanceHalvingParty. Specifically, we bring you some comments from Josh Goodbody, Director of Growth and Institutional Business at Binance, focused on Europe and Latin America.

At the beginning of Binance’s live streaming, Goodbody expressed some ideas and spoke about his personal experience in the world of cryptocurrencies. At one point panelists were asked where the industry was when the previous Halving occurred.

In response, the representative of the largest exchange in the world responded “2016 feels too long ago in the Bitcoin world. No one knew what to expect because most of the world had only seen a single Halving. And, by 2012 Bitcoin was very unknown

Then, he added that those feelings from previous Bitcoin Halving were still present in what happened today in a certain way, only with many more people. Not only does Goodbody consider that the crypto world has increased exponentially, it is a palpable reality.

What changed from previous Halving Bitcoin?

Today, many more people talk and argue about Bitcoin. Even this happens in the traditional news media that had nothing to do with the Bitcoin industry.

The evidence of this is precisely the expansion in people’s interest in Halving, which resulted in an increase in Google searches on the subject, and participation in #BinanceHalvingParty.

Josh Goodbody, director of growth and business for Binance in Latin America, showed that for him this Halving will have more gradual but no less significant effects than the previous two.

What consequence does this event have for the cryptocurrency ecosystem?

The most obvious effect is that of reduced supply for reduced rewards, and Goodbody emphasized that quite a bit. In addition, he stressed that we do not see this in fiat money, since “they continue to print money and more money.”

In addition, he commented on what many of us already knew. “This is a new time for the mining ecosystem. The weakest will find it difficult, but the strongest will have to develop new technology and be more efficientGoodbody said.

How soon can significant effects of Halving be seen in the market?

According to Josh, we will have to wait longer than in 2012 or 2016 to notice big changes in the market.

The reason is that today, “now they do not have the necessary impact to increase prices as before”According to Josh Goodbody. This is because today we have much more competition in the market.

People today have access to sophisticated products, more and better tools than we had in 2016. There are many crypto exchanges, there are more products, and now hodls have more impact. That allowed us to better prepare for Halving. So people know what to expect and the effect will be more gradual.Josh Goodbody commented

In summary, according to this Binance member, we must wait longer for a distinctive and positive impact to be seen on the price of Bitcoin.

What is on the horizon of Binance, any progress with “Binance Card”?

Given this, Josh Goodbody stressed that the intention of Binance is to close the cycle of consumption. In other words, they are working to make it possible to acquire Bitcoin, accumulate it and spend it.

We want to make the product as easy to use as possible, we keep building it. Perhaps there will be important announcements in the next two months. Keep your eyes open“He said optimistically.

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