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Justin Sun changes the name of Djed to Just


Even in the midst of the pandemic, the crypto world keeps moving. And it is that, just a few days ago, the millionaire and crypto influencer Justin Sun, launched Djed, its Tron-based loan platform. Now, I would announce that the first tests of it have been successful, deciding to change its name to Just in our Tweet of today.

Justin Sun changes the name of Djed to Just

It is difficult to remember the last time Justin Sun was not found in the middle of a controversy. And it is that, who is probably the largest crypto entrepreneur today, manages to constantly generate headlines. Even at the time of launching new products such as Djed.

Djed was the name given to the Tron-based lending platform, announced by Sun just a few days ago. Voices were immediately raised across the crypto world, accusing Justin Sun of plagiarizing MakerDAO in the design of his new product. There are clear similarities both in the operation and in the code of both platforms.

Therefore, Justin reacted to the allegations almost immediately. Admitting that his team had been inspired by MakerDAO, as well as other Blockchain-based lending platforms. But, making it clear that Djed had been developed by his company. Continuing with the tests of the same one even in the middle of the suspicions of the community.

Noting that Justin Sun announced today that they have been a total success, as well as changing the name of Djed to Just:

Djed, TRON’s stablecoin platform testing network has successfully completed testing. We are pleased to announce that we have decided to update the Djed brand to #JUST (Token: $ JST Stablecoin: $ USDJ) and launch the mainnet on April 4. Link: “.

Harvesting fruits

Thus, Justin Sun would not only announce the start of operations of his new stablecoin. In addition, it would try to renew the brand of the same, by changing its name to Just. A word closely resembling its own name, and one that is expected to be one of the pillars of the Blockchain ecosystem that Sun has been building around Tron for the past few years.

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