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Kobe Bryant is used to undermine cryptocurrencies


On previous occasions we exposed the controversial case of Justin Sun and his supposed dirty marketing, taking advantage of the death of Kobe Bryant. However, on that occasion it was an argument, today we present a case that is even illegal. Apparently, one of the wallpapers about the basketball legend had been manipulated to undermine cryptocurrencies.

Malware to rape users

As we have stated on previous occasions, there are people who use various malware to manipulate users. They tend to use famous themes to deceive people and penetrate users’ devices.

The people of Microsoft Security Intelligence They discovered that a group of people hid a malware inside the HTML of the image about Bryant:

“While the world mourns the loss of an NBA legend, cyber criminals, as expected, are taking advantage of the tragedy. We found a malicious HTML file that pretends to be a Kobe Bryant wallpaper that contains a coin extraction script. ”

In addition, Microsoft people in a following tweet explain that the malware was a trojan hidden inside Bryant’s wallpaper. In addition, they highlight that the native Windows antivirus is able to detect and stop it.

However, from CriptoTendencia we recommend you also have a separate antivirus. Among those recommended is ESET, since it has several tools for the care of the device.

Disrespect Bryant

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is a difference between advertising that may seem in bad taste, against violating the integrity of people’s devices using cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, from CriptoTendencia we condemn the acts performed by people who take advantage of the interest in Bryant’s death. Since in addition to being an illegal act, they are disrespecting the loss of the basketball legend.

Renacen Problems: Coinhive

However, by reading the comments on Twitter you can see that a topic that had culminated was reborn. People suspect that the malware used in Bryant’s image is similar to those born by Coinhive.

It should be remembered that this platform ceased operation in 2019, reducing the amount of cryptocurrency attacks around the world.

Therefore, people are suspecting whether this attack on the image of Kobe Bryant is a rebirth of attacks with Coinhive. However, there is no concrete evidence.

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