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Choosing the right wallet can be tricky. Considering the variety of colors and flavors that exist in the market. For this reason, this time we bring you a portfolio with the potential to be what you are looking for, being

Cryptocurrency wallets are designed to store cryptos and transfer to other users. For the convenience of users, there are portfolios of multiple currencies that allow to store and transfer different cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to multiple cryptocurrency wallets, users no longer need to store different cryptocurrencies in different wallets, it is enough to have a single wallet to store different cryptocurrencies.

The team has decided not to stop and create not only a multi-coin wallet, but also a multi-coin wallet that allows you to earn money by storing (holding company) cryptocurrencies.

How does this new E-wallet-io wallet work?

There are 2 types of mining: PoW mining (Proof-ofWork) and PoS mining (Proof-of-Stake).

PoW mining requires a lot of computing power, requires a lot of electricity, while PoS mining does not require the purchase of special equipment and capabilities. Thanks to PoS mining, big coin holders get rewards for holding their coins. PoS mining is used in cryptocurrencies like BNB, NEO, ONT, VET, NPXS and many others.

The team has decided to make PoS mining available to all wallet users. The team believes that all users should have the same opportunities for profit. has made PoS mining available to all users.

What benefit does offer?

The profit from POS mining is 0.2-1% per day. Therefore, the amount of profit depends on how many days the coins are retained. The longer the user keeps their coins, the more profits they will get.

During the first 10 days, the user receives 0.2% every day, from day 11 the profit is 0.3%, from day 21 the profit is 0.4%, from day 31 – 0.5%, and from day 41 – 1 %.

The longer the user keeps their coins in, the greater their benefit, regardless of the amount of coins stored in the wallet.

Also, before transferring the coins mined in to an exchange, the coins will be bought back at an adjusted rate. After effectively adding the currency to the exchange, holders will be able to sell their coins at a favorable rate.

To increase the rate of E-wallet mined coins, a procedure for burning coins is provided. It will allow regulating the balance of supply and demand in the market.

What are the additional earning opportunities?

In addition to earning money on PoS extraction, the team offers additional earnings on the referral program. All users get a personal referral link to participate in the program. For each referral attracted, the inviting person receives 100% of their reward.

But these are not all the opportunities to earn money with In addition, there is a rewards program whose features can be found on the website.

The team has created a multi-currency wallet that, in addition to storing and transferring cryptocurrencies, offers its users several opportunities to earn more income: in PoS mining, in the referral program and in the rewards program.

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