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MakerDAO: Justin Sun defends himself from plagiarism


Crypto mogul Justin Sun fights plagiarism charges against his new lending platform, Djed. Not only recognizing that it would have been “inspired” by others of similar characteristics. Coming to thank MakerDAO, the blockchain that is accused of having copied Djed’s structure. Expressing his words of admiration in our Tweet of today:

Justin Sun reacts to accusations of plagiarism

Justin Sun seems unable to stay away from controversy for long. Managing to make headlines thanks to his business decisions, for many brilliant and for others questionable. From paying millions for a dinner with Warren Buffett, to accusations of not having fully paid for the purchase of BitTorrent, to giving a coup in a Blockchain, Justin Sun seems to be always busy, but he always defends himself.

On this occasion, the controversy would be generated by the new Tron-based loan platform, Djed. Which was presented just a few hours ago, immediately sparking a debate within the crypto community about its merits. Well, several users consider that it would be nothing more than plagiarism, by Justin Sun, of another platform with the same function: MakerDAO.

Thus, when analyzing the operation and programming of the platform, users have noted the many similarities between Djed and Maker. Which even extend to the name of the loan contracts that can be closed in Djed. And that they would be identical to those of the contracts of the first version of MakerDAO. To which Sun has reacted through his Twitter account, declaring:

#DJED is a new DeFi project developed by the TRON community. They have learned a lot from all open source DeFi projects, and TRON is willing to collaborate with any of them. I would like to invite you to follow @MakerDAO because they are the best of all #USDJ #JED

Thus, Justin Sun reacts to accusations of plagiarism, acknowledging Djed’s inspiration on other platforms such as MakerDAO. But making it clear that the development of your product would be original from the TRON community. Leaving aside those who suggest it would have been an almost complete copy of the MakerDAO code.

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