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Max Keizer: Bitcoin on the way to six figures


Although shyly, the price of Bitcoin has finally started to react, increasing its value above $ 10,000 in recent days. However, this does not impress almost anyone within the crypto community, accustomed as we are to variations of thousands of dollars every day. Therefore, for Max Keizer Bitcoin it would be heading to six figures in its price, making the increases of the last hours only the first steps of the next big bullish rally.

Bitcoin price since Halving

Bitcoin pricing has always been a topic of discussion within the crypto community. Which makes sense, considering that throughout its development, the main characteristic of BTC has been the sudden and radical changes in its price. Leading the community and its financial analysts to spend a good part of their time trying to predict where their listing would go.

However, in recent months, the relative stagnation in the price of Bitcoin surprised most market analysts. Who expected the coin to increase in value after the third Halving on their Blockchain. The opposite occurs, with a cryptoactive side market around $ 9,000 per BTC, which lasted up to a few days.

Max Keizer predicts a Bitcoin heading to six figures. Source: CoinDesk
Max Keizer predicts a Bitcoin heading to six figures. Source: CoinDesk

This caused a major shakeup in the crypto world. Well, it has long been a belief on the part of the majority of the community, that after the Halving, Bitcoin must experience a new bullish rally.

By significantly decreasing the expansion in the supply of cryptocurrency, at the same time that demand remains stable or even increases. But what the community certainly did not expect was a stagnation in the price of the crypto asset.

Max Keizer bets on BTC

Therefore, the breakdown of the side market, and the increase in the price of the virtual currency, has been generally good news for the crypto market. Taking analysts like Max Keizer to start releasing their predictions of where the Bitcoin price is heading.

Thus, for Max Keizer the price of Bitcoin will continue to increase steadily until reaching $ 28,000 per BTC. What would be the largest bullish rally experienced by the currency in its history, exceeding the price reached in 2017, when it was around $ 20,000 for the first time.

But even more, through your account Twitter, and in response to Peter Schiff’s skepticism, Max Keizer assured that Bitcoin is heading towards the six figures. So it will face a correction around $ 30,000 per BTC, before restarting its upward path again to exceed $ 100,000.

Somewhere @PeterSchiff is throwing up his brain. $ 28,000 will be reached before we see a pullback, and then we’ll head to the six figures

In this way, Max Keizer bets on a bullish future for Bitcoin, despite the fact that certain voices in the market point to the increase in the price of the cryptocurrency due to the new stimuli announced by the Federal Reserve, so it is not it would be sustainable over time. Which leaves open the question of what will happen in the coming weeks in the crypto market. Making this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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