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Max Keizer talks about Bitcoin


We continue with the coverage of Unconfiscatable 2020, this time we talked about how Bitcoin began, and for this, different figures of the ecosystem were on the panel such as: Peter Todd, Adam Back, Trace Mayer, Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert.

Bitcoin as a new currency

During the panel they agreed that Bitcoin began as “a
new currency ”, still in experimental stage, but with which they were already made
commercial transactions, processes of purchase and sale of goods and services,
as well as international transfers.

Panelists noted that, it is called Bitcoin and for whom
they develop and promote it is the currency of the future, the one that best responds to the
technological advancement and, in passing, the one that can eliminate the intermediation of
Banks and governments.

Max Keizer, one of the most important cryptoinfluencers today, said that Bitcoins is the answer to the need to create “a monetary system not based on laws or rules, but on mathematics and cryptography, which does not need any authority to be settled down”.

The panelists, they pointed out, the advantage of anonymity and the apparent cryptographic strength of the system has led to the expansion of the number of users and exchange and promotion sites of this currency in a short time. Governments and the media begin to pay attention to this economy.

Bitcoin in 2011

Panelists also pointed out that during 2011, Bitcoin was first announced to the general public and was enough to double its price. It was in this year when the maximum price of Bitcoin was registered and it had its first great historical price increase.

They also mentioned that after the maximum price in 2011, there was a long period of decline in November 2011, assuming a fall of 94%. The price of the BTC would not reach these maximum prices again until 2013.

Bitcoin panel in Unconfiscatable 2020
Bitcoin panel in Unconfiscatable 2020

Max Keiser

Keizer is recognized for his defense towards cryptocurrencies in general, devoting a significant amount of his time to supporting Bitcoin. It is a currency which you see as an asset value reserve, with important advantages over gold. Thanks to the decentralization and self-management that characterizes the cryptocurrency.

In his participation, he stressed being “optimistic about the future of Bitcoin, especially when people finally realize how important it is for the global financial system.

Max Keizer is convinced and reiterated in his participation, that Bitcoin is far superior to gold. In addition, he stressed that you cannot prevent people from using Bitcoin.

“This is money that can be controlled without any government intervention,” says Max, who believes that “Bitcoin is like gold, but without governments involved.”

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