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McAfee says “Bitcoin is worth nothing”


John McAfee’s love for Bitcoin (BTC) is being hidden, after predicting that the coin would reach $ 1 million in 2020, he now says it is “worth nothing.”

Antivirus magnate John McAfee, who has more than 1 million followers on the social network Twitter, does not believe that Bitcoin is the engine of his popularity.

McAfee: BTC is worth nothing …

The brain behind the McAfee antivirus said, “Bitcoin is worth nothing.” This in response to a user who claimed that the popularity of the antivirus tycoon was due to the main cryptocurrency on the market.

“I think the people who follow you are because of Bitcoin.”

“I have no idea, Bitcoin is worth nothing.”

A 180 ° turn

In 2017, McAfee garnered great press coverage after predicting Bitcoin’s price could hit prices as high as $ 500,000.

While many thought he was joking, he continued to double his bet against Bitcoin over the years. Confirming that the speed of the cryptocurrency has gone much faster than its predictions.

At the end of 2019, he stated for an interview on Forbes, that the price of BTC will exceed one million dollars. Then, he posted a tweet saying “he would eat his penis” if he was wrong.

According to his prediction, the entire digital money market will enjoy an unprecedented uptrend that will translate into seven digits.

Likewise, his defense of Bitcoin won the hearts of many followers of the cryptocurrency towards him, as many believed that he was a crypto whale.

Despite confirming that it was still delivering on its prediction in December 2019, McAfee took an impressive 180 ° turn by turning its back on Bitcoin and making it clear that its $ 1 million call was simply a test of IQ.

Qualifying his prediction as a kind of “trick to incorporate new users” in reference to the media coverage that this created in prices.

McAfee’s new favorites

For a few days now, the crypto commentator has been busy making content to entertain his Twitter followers. Maintaining content on coronaviruses, jokes, scam news, and cryptocurrencies.

Lately, he has been busy promoting other cryptocurrencies after abandoning Bitcoin, among them are: Monero, Ethereum and the stablecoin DAI.

Defending Monero, in a tweet, he explains that this and other cryptocurrencies are being widely used among dozens of people who no longer use banks, credit cards or fiat money.

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