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Mercosur will use Blockchain to manage customs data


According to the Serpro website, the union of the South American markets with other blocks would be close to becoming a reality. This, thanks to the fact that Mercosur will use the Blockchain platform, bConnect, to strengthen itself internally and to open up to other latitudes.

The aforementioned platform was developed in Brazil to organize the Federal Tax Service. Likewise, since last October, bConnect began to regulate customs services between that country, with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

In this way, it seeks to improve the security of customs data shared between the members of the regional bloc. Apart from this, the platform allows a high technological level, combined with a significant decrease in investment in the development of these operations.

How does the Blockchain platform that Mercosur will use work?

The Blockchain platform that Mercosur will use for its integration with other markets stands out from the system used until then.

«More than a product, it is a concept that will allow the exchange of information in a secure way». In addition, all this very quickly, explains Paulo Ramos, Serpro’s operations manager.

Another important aspect is that the aforementioned Blockchain platform can perform all these operations without affecting the sovereignty of the nations that use it.

It is important to bear in mind that the bConnect design is specialized in serving the automated exchange of customs data. The use of the new Blockchain technology, by Mercosur, is a really important step, explains Bárbara Harckbart from the Federal Revenue of Brazil.

Previously, all this work of exchanging, updating and storing OEA data was carried out through spreadsheets.

They were extracted from the systems in operation in each country and were sent by email, stressed the aforementioned official.

Ideal for bilateral agreements

The Blockchain platform that Mercosur will use is also available for other international trade initiatives. This is explained by Fernando Lustosa, Serpra’s Business and Foreign Trade Solutions consultant.

According to him, bConnect allows «replicate the data access and visibility rules in the bilateral agreements signed on the Blockchain network». It is, he explains, an international reference.

In this sense, it shows what steps must be taken to modernize commerce. At the same time, he continues, it represents a boost to the economy through new technological advances.

Multiple uses and functions

It is important to note that, at the beginning of September, the platform was presented in the United States. Specifically, before the Customs and Commercial Association against Terrorism. It is a program belonging to the North American country.

Not only Mercosur would benefit from this Blockchain-based platform. The firm Serpro, ensures that it is ideal to strengthen other commercial areas in different places.

The Serpro firm ensures that the application can serve to guarantee the authenticity of the information. All this, in customs services shared between Brazil and its partner countries.

Blockchain continues to stand out as one of the best solutions to accelerate and simplify movements related to the economy. In various areas, apart from commerce, the blockchain provides an advanced optimization picture.

Parallel to Mercosur, currently, dozens of companies in all Latin American countries develop Blockchain platforms. The new technology, in this way, focuses on offering technological solutions.

Data to take into consideration

  • Mercosur will implement a Blockchain platform for the exchange of customs data.
  • Previously, this process was carried out with spreadsheets, filled in with information for each country and sent by email.
  • With the use of the bConnect platform, not only will the process be faster and safer, but in a more economical way.
  • At the same time, the platform will allow Mercosur to work together with other economic blocks, regardless of the system they use.

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