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Mining chips help investigate Coronavirus


On many occasions, the capabilities of cryptocurrencies are underestimated, thinking that they are only a speculative product. But the truth is, from finance to fighting the Coronavirus, crypto assets can be an effective tool to improve the world we live in, even harnessing the power of its mining.

The emergence of the Coronavirus

The challenge of combating the Coronavirus is not an easy one, not even for the advanced and wealthy nations of the world. And it is that, the threat represented by a disease against which our bodies have no defense, is enough to force the paralysis of the entire world.

In addition to this, the social distancing and quarantine measures that have allowed us to reduce the speed of the virus’s expansion are not enough to completely stop it. Well, the only way to end the serious crisis caused by the Coronavirus is to find a cure for it.

But this process could take a long time, and until it ends, the disease will continue to cause victims.

Not satisfied with that, it is important to mention that it will also continue to wreak havoc on the international economy. Since quarantine is the only available way to stop the virus from spreading, most productive and commercial companies see their activities interrupted. Generating distrust among investors and tearing down financial markets worldwide.

The contribution of mining

Faced with the serious consequences that the Coronavirus is generating, the investigation of the disease becomes a priority for all humanity. In order to create a cure for this virus that has become fatal in some cases.

This has been understood even by the cryptocurrency sector. With CoreWeave, the largest Ethereum mining company in the United States, contributing to the investigation of the Coronavirus. Taking advantage of the enormous processing power it has.

The mining company has announced that it will dedicate 6,000 computer chips, the processing power of which is currently focused on Ethereum mining. Redirecting it towards the investigation of a therapy that is effective in the fight against COVID-19. Which shows that mining chips really help against Coronavirus.

This will be done in collaboration with Folding @ home, the Stanford University project that has already participated in creating cures for other diseases, and which would now focus on attacking COVID-19.

In this way, a company that is normally dedicated to generating profits thanks to cryptocurrencies, uses its resources to combat a disease that affects all of humanity. Taking a step forward in an era of uncertainty, when international solidarity is more important than ever. Making this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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