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Mining Ethereum with NVIDIA RTX 3090 will be another level


The new graphics card from the manufacturer NVIDIA will make mining Ethereum totally different in magnitude. Although this GeForce has not yet hit the market, the numbers can already be calculated.

As the same manufacturers announced on their Twitter account, it is about “a beast”. In this sense, this card is expected to greatly outperform the new GeForce RTX 3080, which will have limited production and is expected to sell out in a matter of days.

The power of this new NVIDIA, surpasses all the schemes and makes it the best option to mine Ethereum. At the same time, some people are concerned that the high cost of it will allow uneven competition to be created in the mining of some digital currencies.

New NVIDIA card will allow Ethereum to be mined at high speed

One should not lose sight of the speed that this new NVIDIA graphics card will give to the activity of mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. If you make a brief comparison with other editions, you will be able to perceive the great differences in power.

The NVIDIA graphics cards currently used to mine Ethereum are the GeForce RTX 2080 and 3000. These process at a speed of between 30-40 MH / s. For its part, the new RTX 3080, does so with a speed 4 times higher. That is, it mine at 82-84 MH / s.

For its part, this new RTX 3090 version could have a much higher capacity than the latter, hovering around 120 MH / s. This feature, as you might expect, will make these cards palatable to miners.

Meanwhile, gamers and other users will have great problems when acquiring them due to the high price to which the scarcity of them will lead. This will further widen the gap of antipathy of gamers towards mining.

NVIDIA's new RTX 3090 card will make mining Ethereum faster. Source:
NVIDIA’s new RTX 3090 card will make mining Ethereum faster. Source:

Some pending questions to be clarified

Although these numbers may be close to reality, there is a margin of doubt. It is that the new NVIDIAS, having not been officially launched on the market, it is unknown if its algorithm used in the benchmark of the card, will be optimal for mining Ethereum.

In this sense, if they are different algorithms, the comparison between this new model and the previous ones could be meaningless. All this indicates that it is extremely risky to acquire them.

The MH / s in an RTX 3090 is much more expensive than that of a 3080, so it is more profitable and safe to buy two of the latter. Still, many small miners prefer to wait and settle for the RTX 2080s, which, so far, continue to perform well.

Lurking speculators

The high demand for this type of card to mine Ethereum, has put the manufacturer NVIDIA, in a quagmire. Creating them is not enough to satisfy the high purchase rate.

This situation has led to great problems, not only for the aforementioned gamers, but also for professionals from various computer areas who wish to acquire them.

Speculators are responsible for buying all the lots offered by the company’s virtual stores, and then sell them at high prices. Although NVIDIA has announced measures, so far it has been unable to do anything to stop this situation.

Data to take into consideration

  • The Ethereum mining power of these new NVIDIA cards is around 120 MH / s.
  • The most recent versions RTX 2080 and 3080, mine with a speed of 30 and 80 MH / s, respectively.
  • The RTX 3080 version has recently started to hit the market, which will have a limited edition. The RTX 3090 will take a little longer.
  • The company has expressed concern about the purchase of all the lots by speculators, who then sell them at exorbitant prices taking advantage of the high demand.

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