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MinTIC Colombia supports Blockchain technology


The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MinTIC) of Colombia, published last week a first draft for the creation of a Guide. Mainly designed for the use and implementation of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies within the public sector.

This document aims to facilitate the implementation of initiatives that involve the use of DLT / Blockchain technologies. And, in this way, support the digital transformation of the State.

Likewise, the Guide proposed by the MinTIC Colombia will also allow establishing recommendations for the formulation of public policies. Especially related to DLT / Blockchain technology.

MinTIC Colombia guide

According to the MinTIC Colombia, the Guide consists of 89 pages. As well as a theoretical review on the concepts related to this technology. In addition, some use cases and proofs of concept, carried out in Colombia. Likewise, of several recommendations regarding the development of public policies.

Regarding the use cases, the document published by the MinTIC Colombia refers to the proofs of concept carried out by the ViveLab Bogotá team. In association with the National University of Colombia and other organizations. For example, the National Land Agency. As well as, the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá.

Among these cases, the prototype of voting for student representatives in district schools stands out. Like, the system for land registration.

The organizations behind this Guide proposed 10 types of solutions. Which could be implemented in public administration:

  1. Cryptocurrency payments.
  2. Land registration.
  3. Voting.
  4. Handling of identity data.
  5. Supply chains.
  6. Health records.
  7. Voting.
  8. Business records.
  9. Management of taxes and public tenders.
  10. Registration of academic titles.

These solutions aim to eliminate third-party involvement within the security infrastructure.

It is necessary to highlight that the MinTIC Colombia, pointed out that the country is lagging behind in the adoption of Blockchain technology. Compared to countries in the European Union, China, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Canada.

Participation in the construction of this project

Additionally, any interested person may consult the draft and submit their comments. This in order to improve the content of the proposal. It should be quite clear that these indications will be considered by the MinTIC Colombia, for the preparation of the final version.

As important information, those interested have until August 28, 2020, to send their comments. In fact, they can be sent through the email

By way of closing, the MinTIC Colombia sees in Blockchain technology a great opportunity to provide solutions to various public problems. So, do you think this project could be a solution? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.

I say goodbye, but not before giving you this phrase by Steve Case: “You should not focus on why you cannot do something, that is what everyone does. Focus on getting it and becoming the exception”.

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