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NASDAQ-100 Index Hits All-Time High


The most relevant stock index for the world’s technology companies, the NASDAQ-100 reaches an all-time high. This has been a constant effect on the world’s stock markets and indices, since the pandemic broke out.

The chart of the day focuses on explaining this high of the NASDAQ-100 index. Because of how truly relevant this data is to investors and understanding of the stock market.

Its relevance at a technological level is also important. Well, Nasdaq companies currently cover the entire spectrum of the United States economy.

From industrial companies to transportation, with a strong representation of the computer world and information technology.

Many well-known North American companies choose Nasdaq, including: Adobe Systems, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell Computer Corporation, Intel Corporation, and Yahoo.

All-time highs are traded on the NASDAQ-100 index

The NASDAQ-100 index hits an all-time high. At the time of writing the NASDAQ-100 index was trading at 11,269.75. Some analysts consider possible a projection of a rise to 11,510.50 units.

NASDAQ-100 hits an all-time high in trading.
NASDAQ-100 reaches an all-time high in quotes. Source: Bloomberg

In this way, taking into account that the price is at maximum, and that uncertainty is growing more and more in the market.

Doubt has been raised that this will generate resistance. One that will require a lot of trading strength for the NASDAQ-100 index to reach an all-time high and continue to rise.

In addition to this, in the Asian and European session there was not so much movement in the operations. Generating doubts among stock investors.

The strong increase in technologies in the pandemic

The pandemic has been a severe blow to every region of the world. Global economies have been hit hard, alike, and consumer spending has declined further.

However, for the technology sector and the software creators of the great world powers, the pandemic has been a source of opportunities that not even their best analysts could glimpse.

The stock market figures of technology companies have reached new all-time highs throughout these months of pandemic. Since, thanks to the coronavirus and the implementation of social isolation, consumers have bet more on investing in technology.

For their part, investors and companies have concentrated their finances on supporting this sector. Since the feeling of uncertainty does not seem to darken the future of the indices of these companies so much.

The NASDAQ-100 index hits an all-time high. And this is just proof of how much the tech sector has accomplished in the pandemic.

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