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Older investors keep betting on Bitcoin


It is clear that they have not been the best weeks for Bitcoin. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency is worth $ 34,552; a figure that represents a correction of 46% with respect to its historical maximum seen in the month of April. Despite this reality, as Pompliano shows in the tweet of the day, older investors are still betting on a prominent future for the crypto asset.

Bitcoin’s Most Loyal Investors

Bitcoin’s downward trend in recent weeks has pushed newer crypto investors out of their digital wallets. An example of this is Jim Cramer; which, although at some point he referred to the cryptoactive as the “New gold”; During the last few weeks, it announced the sale of almost its entire portfolio in Bitcoin.

Despite Bitcoin failing to break above the $ 35,000 mark, older investors are not afraid to bet on a promising future for the digital currency. Thus, personalities like Jack Dorsey are still among the great figures who are part of the current evangelism of cryptocurrency. In this way, in recent times, the CEO of Twitter revealed that he was working on the construction of a wallet for cryptocurrencies within his Square payment platform.

Other older investors include Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy; that although he has had to apply an amortization regime within his company for the losses in the value of the cryptoactive; He is not afraid to show his loyalty to the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto on his twitter account.

“All Bitcoin tourists and newbies are bearish, but every OG I know is more bullish than ever. Experience and perspective matter.

Others like Michael Novogratz, although they consider that Bitcoin could extend its bearish streak, they are not afraid to predict its recovery in the future. In sum, as Pompliano shows in the tweet of the day, although the most novice investors have been repelled by the current trend of the cryptocurrency, investors of the old guard are not afraid to continue betting on the prominent future, of the digital currency with the world’s largest market capitalization.

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