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Pay HTC Exodus by mining


Everyone within the cryptoverse was stunned by the news of the HTC Exodus, the first smartphone with an integrated crypto wallet, the ability to run a full Bitcoin node, and now with the ability to mine Monero. But paying for the HTC Exodus mining cryptocurrencies can take you up to 179 years, a lifetime, of course unless you are Count Dracula.

The number of years that we must continually mine seems absurd. So we must ask ourselves sincerely: What did we expect? At the end of it all it’s just a smartphone.

Paying for the HTC Exodus by mining cryptocurrencies can take you more than a life

The HTC mobile phone is a smartphone that could be considered mid-range for the specifications it presents, in addition to its affordable price of $ 250.

  • A 5.7 ”HD screen
  • A 3075mAh battery
  • Two cameras, one 13MP PDAF and one front camera also 13MP
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB storage
  • And the ability to run 1 full Bitcoin node

These phones are about to receive their own crypto mining application, which will allow you to mine Monero (XMR). Although it will only work when the Exodus 1s is connected to an electrical outlet.

Will the possibility of paying for the HTC Exodus by mining be efficient?

“A Money Making Machine”

The application will be named DeMiner, which is being developed by “Midas Labs”, and will be launched no later than the end of the second quarter of 2020. Plans continue despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The HTC Exodus 1S Smartphone will be able to extract $ 0.0038 from Monero a day.”

Expresses Jri Lee, CEO of Midas Labs

Doing a few simple calculations we can see that at the rate expressed by its CEO, the phone will mine $ 1.4 a year at best. This means that 179 years will be required to pay the entire $ 250.

Of course, the CEO of Midas Labs did not specify how many hours a day connected to an outlet will be required for this.

If we assume that, that value of $ 0.0038 a day is 24 hours connected to an electrical outlet continuously. This amount can go down a lot, since in reality it is approximately 8 hours that the phone is connected to an outlet, while charging or while we sleep.

Which makes paying for the HTC Exodus mining really impractical. Not taking into account that the process can permanently damage your device.

It is not a mining Smartphone

It should be clarified that nobody, or almost nobody, would be so irrational as to buy the HTC Exodus 1S solely to undermine Monero (XMR).

Another thing worth clarifying is that miners spend thousands and thousands of dollars on specialized hardware to mine cryptocurrencies. Capable of producing much, but much more computing power than a simple phone.

But undoubtedly this means Exodus smartphones will likely remain the niche for crypto enthusiasts, who don’t want to mine crypto with their device. But, if you are Count Dracula this is your chance to pay for the HTC Exodus by mining Monero.

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