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Peter Brandt won’t tweet Bitcoin again


Social networks are a communication channel that allows us to be a message away from almost anyone. The same is true in the world of cryptocurrencies, where going to a recognized expert can be simple, for better or for worse. This was the case for Peter Brandt, who in a response to cryptocurrency trolls said that he will no longer tweet about Bitcoin.

Commodity trader Peter Brandt says he is no longer going to talk about Bitcoin, at least in his bill from Twitter. He blames his decision on the cryptocurrency community which, in his words, is riddled with “too many disrespectful trolls.”

Brandt’s successes regarding Bitcoin have strengthened his image

Brandt, who started trading commodities in the mid-1970s, managed to get a millennial following due to his penchant for cryptocurrencies.

It made many headlines after accurately predicting Bitcoin’s 80% defeat in 2018, when the leading cryptocurrency violated its parabolic advance.

Just a few days before Bitcoin fell nearly 20% on September 25, 2019, it caught the attention of the community towards a massive bearish descending triangle. As reported by various media, Brandt also predicted the largest Bitcoin collapse in seven years that occurred on March 12, 2020.

The mistakes have also taken its toll on his image

Considering the successes in Brandt’s predictions, there are many “trolls” who emphasize more on the times they have been wrong, due to the wide margin of error.

"I don
“I don’t tweet about BTC anymore. Many disrespectful trolls ”said Peter Brandt yesterday on his Twitter account.

For example, the legendary trader made a scandalous claim that Bitcoin was more likely to hit $ 0 after “Black Thursday.” This undoubtedly took its toll, because after that great fall, Bitcoin recovered completely in little more than a month.

The Bitcoin community has not been the only one with which Brandt has had any kind of controversy, but even before that, he classified the XRP community as “insulting and uncivilized” at some point.

The point with Brandt is that he tends to express controversial opinions on their own, which then has a hard time controlling the response of those who are against it. An example of this were his tweets unequivocally stating that XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency, should be delivered for free.

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