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ProBit Exchange becomes the main destination for DeFi tokens


According to CoinMarketCap’s recently released third quarter report on the meteoric rise of DeFi apps, smart DeFi investors have been amassing up to 30 times more than their initial investments made in January 2020. DeFi unicorns have been characterized by returns exorbitant such as the almost 2000% achieved by YFI and 1,000% by STAKE.

DeFi, or decentralized finance, includes digital assets, protocols, smart contracts, and dApps that provide completely open and democratized financial services, particularly for the unbanked masses.

ProBit Exchange is one of the leading exchanges continuing to make strong strides in the DeFi transformative industry, with over 35 tokens in recent months including YFI, JST, BAND, FTM, and many other top winners.

A convenient comprehensive DeFi dedicated page is also provided with a wide range of metrics and business guides to minimize overwhelming barriers to entry for less experienced ProBit operators. Due to the large number of DeFi tokens listed by ProBit, the trading platform has been updated with a dedicated tab for convenient DeFi trading.

Ethereum continues to reign as the primary DeFi ecosystem with ETH as the primary currency gateway to the highly popular realm of yield farming platforms. Industry leader YFI helped pioneer the current rise in automated liquidity mining and paved the way for governance tokens to become a highly coveted asset due to the ability to generate returns on loans and loans. .

The Aave non-custodial open source protocol enables the creation of money markets, as well as access to interest-bearing deposits and asset loans. Dai is another early stage catalyst in the collateral-based lending industry based on the Maker lending platform, allowing users to post collateral and borrow in the form of the DAI stablecoin.

Oracle Chainlink’s decentralized network was one of the first solutions to address the data gap between smart contracts and applications, while UMA is one of several decentralized protocols that opens up global markets through permissionless synthetic assets backed by contracts. self-executing financials.

About ProBit Exchange

ProBit Exchange is a global Top 20 crypto exchange in real daily trade volume that has successfully completed more than 200 rounds of IEO. ProBit Exchange also has more than 800 trading pairs, one of the highest on the market.

ProBit Exchange key figures

  • + 100,000 community members
  • + 500,000 monthly active users
  • + 2,500,000 monthly visits to the web
  • + 40,000,000 users in wallets and associated aggregators such as CoinMarketCap
  • Global reach in 8 languages ​​and key markets provided
  • Multilingual website with 41 different languages

Join our active programs and get a multitude of benefits!

  1. Trading Commission Discount: Buy PROB, pay trading fees with PROB and get a trading fee as low as 0.03%.
  2. Trade Mining: Stake 100,000 PROB and get 100% trading fees back on PROB when trading BTC, ETH and XRP pairs.
  3. Stake Mining: Stake PROB and earn PROB at a rate of 4% per year.
  4. Referral Program: Earn 10-30% of business fees for referring friends to ProBit.

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