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Quick News: Blockchain shapes the new world


United States: If Blockchain Shapes a New World, You Need Green Standards

As we have been able to observe, since the birth of cryptocurrencies a new world has emerged, one that is molded with Blockchain. For this reason, countries must adjust to the new standards that people demand. Stressing that the United States is no exception, and this is how we started this edition of Quick News.

The Missoula County Board of Commissioners in Montana, United States, has extended its green regulations for cryptocurrency miners, designed to control the industry’s energy consumption in the county. In this sense, they seek the Blockchain of a greener new world.

Regulations require crypto miners to establish operations only in light and heavy industrial districts. Noting that they can only be after they have been reviewed and approved as conditional use. Therefore, they have a term until April 3, 2021 to follow the new energy regime.

County officials initially adopted the rules a year ago, with the goal of “protecting the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare of county residents.” Proving that they are looking to respond to the new world that is molded with Blockchain.

However, in January, researchers from the Irish Institute for Economic and Social Research (ESRI) proposed that the use of a Blockchain-based “advanced trading system” may provide a more effective incentive for smart management of renewable energy consumption .

The proposed mechanism includes the use of smart contracts to automate energy control, trade, and management within a distributed framework.

In this way, an alternative to regulations is proposed, exposing a model that allows Blockchains to shape the new world in a decentralized way. That is, energy companies with Blockchain can self-manage, offering their services to the new world in an intelligent way.

Japan’s second-largest energy company, Kansai Electric Power Co Inc (KEPCO), extended its test of a Blockchain-enabled renewable energy trading platform developed by Australian tech firm Power Ledger.

Analysis firm Blockchain Coin Metrics raises $ 6 million

Cryptocurrency analytics firm Coin Metrics has closed a $ 6 million Series A funding round.

In a blog post on March 26, Coin Metrics said the round was led by Highland Capital Partners. They explain that the $ 6 million investment would be used to grow the company’s team, expand its product offerings, and “provide improved coverage of digital assets.”

Other companies, including Castle Island Ventures, Communitas Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and Digital Currency Group, also participated in the funding round. Noting that in the new world, finance is handled between traditional and crypto companies.

Coin Metrics was created in 2017 by Nic Carter and Aleksei Nokhrin as an open source Blockchain network data and analysis project. Since then, it has become a popular industry resource for understanding the operational and economic activity that occurs in public blockchains.

Blockchain shapes a new world of games: The Sandbox allies with Atari

Blockchain decentralized gaming platform The Sandbox is partnering with Atari, one of the world’s most popular consumer brands and interactive entertainment producer, developer of classic video games like Tetris and Pac Man.

The alliance will now allow the creation of 3D voxel versions of Atari’s popular gaming properties, including Asteroids, Centipede, Pong and RollerCoaster Tycoon. This was reported by Animoca himself according to a press release. Proving that in the new world that is molded with Blockchain, even video games are affected.

With 40 million downloads and over a million monthly active users, the Sandbox gaming franchise is a platform for content and games generated by independent users. It also introduces new creative and commercial possibilities by allowing users to create voxel items and game worlds from Blockchain.

Bitbay reactivates after suspension

BitBay went offline for more than 18 hours due to problems caused by an external service provider. Highlighting that the construction of the new world is influenced by the foundations of traditional technology.

On March 26, BitBay tweeted that it was struggling with a “network problem” as a result of its “external service provider.” The exchange stated that they had contacted the provider and were working to resolve the problem.

BitBay claims to be the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, with more than 800,000 users. BitBay announced that it would go back online and resume operations at 9 a.m.

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