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Quick News: New crypto alliances and violations


They arrested the Telegram user who used crypto for his child rapes

A Telegram child pornography author was arrested for creating a chat group with sexual content. Noting that he used crypto to commit his violations, this being his anonymous payment method.

The official presented him in public after millions of people signed a petition demanding that the Korean government name him publicly.

Cho Ju-bin, 24, with the username ‘Banksa’ or ‘doctor’, was arrested and charged, along with 17 others, for distributing and selling photos and videos of the sexual exploitation of women and minors on Telegram.

Cho made hundreds of millions in crypto for his breaches on the Nth Room Telegram chat rooms, which had a subscriber list of up to 260,000 people.

More than 2.6 million people signed the petition demanding that Cho be named and embarrassed on the Blue House presidential website. “Thank you for ending my unstoppable life as a devil.He said in front of the Jongno Police Station in Seoul on Wednesday. “I apologize to those who were injured because of me

The National Policy Agency tracked down and arrested 124 people in total who were allegedly involved in the Telegram porn ring. However, the fight is not over, and unfortunately crypto will continue to be used for violations of the law.

Brave announced crypto alliances with Binance

Brave Software, a privacy-focused browser, hopes to facilitate cryptocurrency trading in the browser, though it’s not ready yet. For this reason, the support of an expert is necessary, which is why you have to have crypto alliances.

Brave announced that it will be partnering with Binance to develop an encryption trading tool in the browser that will ultimately allow users to deposit, exchange, buy and exchange encryption directly since the launch of Brave Browser.

There, a natively embedded crypto widget executes actions through Binance and Binance.US, depending on the user’s country.

The widget will give Brave users various options to manage cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and many others compatible with Binance.

It can be seen that of the crypto alliances that we have exposed, this could be one of the most important, considering the massive number of users that use Brave and Binance.

South Korean exchanges will help against crypto breaches

According to reports, four exchanges of
South Korean cryptocurrencies are helping law enforcement
premises in the investigation of the so-called “umpteenth rooms” case
which has made headlines across the country.

According to the report released by Chainnews. Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit collaborate with the police in an attempt to reveal the identity of those involved in the child porn scandal.

South Korean police had said about 10,000 people had joined the Telegram groups through which the pornographic material was distributed. Maintaining your anonymity and protecting your violations by using crypto.

NEO Foundation released the necessary funds to continue 2020

The Neo Foundation announced on March 25 that it has released the funds necessary to continue operating for fiscal year 2020. A total of 1,660,865 NEOs were launched, worth approximately $ 11 million, and there are still 27,800,303 NEOs ( $ 190 million).

According to his blog post, the Neo white paper allows the Foundation to sell its stake in NEO for “support Neo’s technological development, ecosystem growth, and community expansion

The foundation also revealed that it completed the financial review for 2019, with an annual report to be “released soon” to the community.

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