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Ripple and exchanges moved millions of XRP


Recently the Twitter bot, XRPL Monitor, showed that Ripple, along with some of the top crypto exchanges, moved 137.9 million in XRP.

Ripple moves large amounts of XRP

According to @XRPL_Monitor137.9 million XRP were moved through eight transactions. A very important fact is that, of those eight transactions, the one with the highest amount, 55 million in the cryptocurrency, was transferred by Ripple.

Likewise, the Twitter account reported that, during the last 24 hours, anonymous hodlers have transferred 71.6 million XRP between different crypto wallets.

What are the predictions for Ripple price?

Black Thursday affected the entire crypto market and, without a doubt, that includes Ripple, as its price fell below $ 0.12 for a few hours.

However, after those dark days, the crypto market, and in particular XRP, has had good weeks.

According to CryptoTrend’s Crypto Online tool, the price of the cryptocurrency stands at $ 0.19 at time of writing. However, experts point out that the main resistance level for Ripple’s cryptocurrency is at $ 0.2025 – $ 0.2125.

So if the cryptocurrency exceeds that resistance level, experts consider we would likely see the XRP price at $ 0.2474 and possibly $ 0.2775.

Also, investor “David_Smith” has shared his price forecast on TradingView. He observes a bullish pattern for XRP, and therefore expects the cryptocurrency to take three targets one after the other: $ 0.20025, $ 0.20350, and $ 0.20725.

Meanwhile, Ripple and its CEO Brad Garlinghouse have filed a lawsuit against YouTube alleging the platform’s alleged inaction on the scams involving Garlinghouse and other leaders.

“Ripple and Mr. Garlinghouse have suffered, and continue to suffer, irreparable damage to their public image, brand and reputation as a direct consequence of YouTube’s deliberate and inexplicable failure to address an omnipresent and damaging fraud that occurs on their platform.”, is read in the complaint.

However, despite all this, it seems that analysts remain optimistic for XRP.

XRP has a bright future

XRP enthusiast and investor Robert Art continues to place his trust in the cryptocurrency. In fact, his main prediction states that by 2028 the price of the cryptocurrency will increase significantly.

However, the data provided by the Liquidity Index Bot seems to indicate that XRP’s cash flows are not yet significant enough to break current highs.

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