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Ripple has released the XRP Markets Report


Ripple publishes the XRP Markets Report for the third quarter of 2020. Effectively, to provide relevant XRP-related announcements and regular updates, on the company’s views on the state of the XRP market.

Unquestionably, the XRP Markets Quarterly Report is a periodic report published by Ripple. Which details the company’s views on the XRP market.

The XRP Markets Report

To clarify, some parts are about new services and features. While others explain the company’s overall views on XRP.

In this regard, Ripple indicated:

“Proactive communication and transparency are part of being a responsible stakeholder.”

He also added: “Ripple urges others in the industry to follow suit to build trust. Also foster open communication and raise the bar across the industry”.

Essential services

Ripple’s Credit Line

It is a new service, launched last quarter. Basically, it allows clients to use Liquidity on Demand (ODL), to obtain capital when needed.

In fact, this solution, gives clients the opportunity to buy XRP from Ripple on credit, which provides up-front capital. Therefore, Ripple indicates that: “This can help accelerate the performance and scale of your business.”.

Actually, the latest report claims that customers are satisfied with this service. As a consequence, the Credit Line will be improved to offer more innovative solutions to Ripple’s clients.

As a curious fact, the service is currently in beta. And it’s only available to select ODL customers.

XRP purchases

Naturally, this is a short-term product solution, for the beta line of credit. In the long term, Ripple is building new ODL capabilities, to dynamically obtain XRP liquidity from the open market, not just from Ripple.

According to the company: “Last quarter, total XRP sales, net of purchases, were $ 35.84 million (USD) versus $ 32.55 million in the prior quarter.”.

Further: “Ripple only focused on its over-the-counter (OTC) sales and leases. As part of providing increased XRP liquidity to certain RippleNet ODL customers to enhance their ODL experience. Eliminating the need for pre-financing and allowing instant global payments«.


In parallel, XRP’s standard deviation of daily returns during the third quarter was 3.5%. This represents an increase in volatility of 3.0% in the second quarter and 6.2% in the first quarter.

XRP’s volatility during the quarter was higher than that of BTC (3.2%) and ETH (3.3%).

Volatility. Source: Ripple
Volatility. Source: Ripple

Liquidity and Volume

In terms of overall liquidity and volume, XRP ended the quarter as the fourth most traded digital asset. Just moving up from its fifth-place ranking last quarter.

The XRP Ledger

By the way, a section of the report is about the XRP Ledger Foundation. Which supports the development and adoption of XRP Ledger. Also, Ripple partnered with companies like Coil and Gatehup, to provide the initial donation to this non-profit foundation.

In this regard, the Foundation’s vision is to accelerate the development of a healthy XRP Ledger ecosystem. Specifically, that encompasses the participation of developers, public and private companies and social initiatives focused on financial inclusion and sustainability.

The sustainability

Addressing sustainability across all industries has become a global priority. And thus, boost future economic growth.

Therefore, sustainability has been one of the most critical focus areas for Ripple in the last quarter. For example, they have partnered with the Energy Web Foundation and the XRPL Foundation, to lead the way towards Carbon Neutral Blockchain. Very importantly, XRP Ledger will be among the first to move towards that goal.

Market Commentary

To conclude, Ripple published a market comment in the last part of the report. The company focuses on three topics in this report: cryptocurrencies to avoid inflation, increased institutional adoption in the cryptocurrency industry, and the rise of DeFi products in recent months.

I retire with this phrase from Zig Ziglar: “New information makes new ideas possible”.

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