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Robert Kiyosaki warns of an upcoming opportunity to buy Bitcoin


If you read our page, the chances that you know who Robert Kiyosaki is are high. Kiyosaki is the writer of “Rich father poor father”, And recently posted on his Twitter account that buying Bitcoin (BTC) is a good long-term option and warned of a possible buying window.

Kiyosaki commented that the United States is “bankrupt,” considering that its national debt is close to $ 27 billion. In that regard, he stated that Bitcoin is one of the best long-term investments you can make.

Opportunities to buy Bitcoin according to Kiyosaki

In the context of the pandemic, Kiyosaki believes that If the world finds a vaccine against COVID-19 soon, the price of BTC will fall, and right there will be a good time to buy.

Specifically, what Kiyosaki wrote in his twitter account was: “What will happen when the vaccine is tested? Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin WILL FALL. Buying opportunity«. The reasoning behind his claim is that according to him the pandemic disguises the “true” interests at stake for the US economy in particular.

However, more than the pandemic, what he highlights is the public debt that the United States has. A large part of this debt was acquired after federal stimulus under COVID-19. «The balance sheet of debt is $ 28 trillion. There are 120 trillion dollars out of balance due to social obligations«, Sentenced.

In addition to Bitcoin, Kiyosaki also recommended investing in gold and silver. However, this does not diminish their strong interest in Bitcoin. For example, in August, he urged his Twitter followers to buy BTC before a ‘big banking crisis’ appeared.

Robert Kiyosaki explained on his Twitter why he considers buying Bitcoin to be a good idea in the long run. Source: Twitter
Robert Kiyosaki explained on his Twitter why he considers buying Bitcoin to be a good idea in the long run. Source: Twitter

What happens to the US dollar every time there is stimulus?

The United States Federal Reserve is an institution that has great power in determining what may or may not happen to the dollar, especially with financial stimuli in the midst of the crisis.

For some time now, there has been discussion about what may happen in the medium term with the strength of the US dollar. Some experts suggest that this currency is in a downward spiral that will only get worse thanks to the policies of the Federal Reserve.

That is why the speech in support of the purchase of Bitcoin has become stronger for many people. The rise in the price of Bitcoin witnessed in August strengthens this thinking for this group of people, among whom is Kiyosaki.

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