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Rothschild acquire Bitcoin with Grayscale


Today it is practically impossible to ignore Bitcoin. And it is that, as more and more people around the world become users of the cryptocurrency. Large fortunes and mutual funds seek to enter the market and take advantage of the profits they can make thanks to BTC. Reaching the point where, as Changpeng Zhao comments in the Tweet of the day, even the Rothschilds acquire Bitcoin with Grayscale:

The Rothschilds enter the world of Bitcoin

We have all heard of the Rothschild family. And it is that, the old family of German bankers, is normally presented as one of the most powerful family clans in the world. Putting them on the same level as other important families in the world such as the Rockefellers, but with much more seniority behind them.

Thus, the Rothschilds have managed to maintain and increase their fortune over the centuries, adapting to the different conditions of the world economy. What has generated the emergence of hundreds of conspiracy theories around the surname, relating them to plans for world conquest, and secret organizations such as the Illuminati and the Masons.

However, at the end of the day the Rothschilds are simply a business family that has taken advantage of the opportunities that the market provides. Therefore, actions such as the purchase of Bitcoin by the family investment fund, through Grayscale, is an important signal for the crypto world. Showing the importance that Bitcoin is gradually acquiring globally, as Changpeng Zhao comments on his Twitter account:

«Even the Rothschilds have to buy Bitcoin«.

Rothschild acquire Bitcoin with Grayscale. Source: Forbes

This information was released by Forbes magazine. Where a list appeared with 20 investment funds that are introducing money to the crypto market through Grayscale. Appearing Rothschild Investment Corp. with an investment of $ 235,000 in Grayscale’s Bitcoin fund. A figure that, although small compared to the family fortune, is still an unmistakable sign of the epochal change in world finance.

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