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Scams on YouTube worse than Twitter hack


Only a few days have passed since one of the most important cyberattacks of recent times. When a group of hackers, still to be identified, managed to break the security of Twitter and gain access to hundreds of accounts, including that of the main figures of the crypto world. However, despite being one of those affected by this attack, for Changpeng Zhao the frauds on YouTube are worse than the attack on Twitter, as he comments in the Tweet of the day:

The frauds on YouTube and the attack on Twitter

For many, the attack on Twitter a few days ago was one of the worst that has been directed against the crypto community. Well, although it did not specifically target cryptocurrencies, and covered characters like Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos unrelated to Bitcoin. The truth is that the number of crypto influencers and companies compromised during the attack reached dozens.

Scams on YouTube are worse than attack on Twitter according to Changpeng Zhao
Scams on YouTube are worse than attack on Twitter according to Changpeng Zhao

However, for Changpeng Zhao, what happened on Twitter would only have been one more small attack, compared to the terrible effects that YouTube’s frauds have on the crypto community, and on his company Binance.

And, for years, this topic has been ignored by the video streaming company owned by Google. Which has not taken letters in the matter to avoid scams where Bitcoin is promised on behalf of Binance and Changpeng Zhao, in exchange for deposits of the cryptocurrency in specific directions. Following the same pattern of the crypto scam on Twitter.

These scams are much worse than the attack on Twitter. They brazenly happen ‘in daylight’, and @YouTube is too big to care

Thus, as Changpeng Zhao explains, these types of scams have been common on YouTube for a long time. However, the company is so big, and the chances of successfully bringing a lawsuit against it are so small, that the company has not found a real solution to the problem. In what, in the words of the CEO of Binance, constitutes a much more serious problem than the attack against Twitter of past days.

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