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Since 2017, Bitcoin has been profitable on 64% of the days

Since 2017, Bitcoin has been profitable on 64% of the days


Bitcoin is known for its price jumps. This can be very positive for investors. This is also shown by an analysis by Blockchaincenter. 

According to an analysis of the so-called “Return on Investment” (RoI for short, also return on capital), which measures the return on an entrepreneurial activity in terms of profit in relation to the capital invested, an investment in Bitcoin has been profitable on 64 percent of the days since 2017.

Losses in two periods

In other words, with a Bitcoin investment since 2017, you have been in positive territory for almost two thirds of every day. Nevertheless, there were two periods in which it would be better not to invest in Bitcoin.

If you bought Bitcoin in November or December 2017, you probably still made a loss. From November to December 2017 it was quick. The Bitcoin price rose from € 5,500 to a high of € 16,600 in just one and a half months! The price of the cryptocurrency is still below this price level.

It also looks bad for investors who invested after May 15, 2019. There, too, there is a large area of ​​orange losses in the blockchain center graphics.

Longer periods with profits

Outside of these periods, you should have made a profit. The size of your winnings depends on when you bought your coins. For example, if you had invested in Bitcoin on January 1, 2017, your Bitcoin would have gained 593 percent in value. On the other hand, if you had bought Bitcoin on December 27, 2019, your investment would only have gained one percent.

The RoI in annual intervals can also be seen from this. Below you can see the RoI of an investment in Bitcoin for one to five years.

1 year: 97.88%

3 years: 615.67%

5 years: 2461.99%

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