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Sony will develop a MaaS on a Blockchain


Sony will develop a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) based on Blockchain technology. The objective is to create a common database platform, with transparency and security features, that achieves the registration of transport data for more than 7 million people.

Multimodal MaaS combines information from various transportation services such as buses, trains, taxis, carpools, and bicycle rentals. In addition, it presents some details that include the route, the time required and the total cost of each of them.

Blockchain’s most important role in these services is the ability to record and share users’ anonymous travel history. Sony predicts that more than 7 million people will use the service daily.

Blockchain as a business

The BSDB (Blockchain Common Database) project is the result of the Blockchain Challenge Program. This program was the result of a MaaS technology initiative, proposed in 2019 by the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Among the participants, only Sony’s BCDB was able to meet the regulatory specifications required by the ministry. Making it the first project in the industry to successfully complete registration using Blockchain technology for MaaS.

“BCDB has enabled the recording and sharing of information in a Ledger between various transport operators, transaction processors and MaaS service providers. This allows us to use information with reliability and transparency and implement it as a service ”. Sony said in a press release.

How will it work?

It is used to create networks where programs and information are difficult to destroy or alter, it is ideal for sharing and managing data and confidential information. Finally, it allows us to use information with security and transparency and implement it as a service.

Furthermore, in Europe, several organizations are trying to promote MaaS by including multiple transport operators. The use of services like BCDB, in the first place, can contribute to improving future technologies and solutions in smart cities, with the possibility of using Blockchain.

BCDB is not limited to MaaS technology, as it can finally be integrated with any service focused on recording and sharing data. For example, IoT platforms that work with a large amount of data from sensors interconnected with each other.

Finally, Sony Group is expanding the application of Blockchain technology in various areas. Emphasizing that more important is the development of authentication systems and authority management for educational data. Since it encourages the development of a digital content rights information processing system in the field of entertainment.

Sony will develop a MaaS on a Blockchain, but what else can we expect in the short term? Is Sony thinking of including Blockchain technology within its new PlayStation 5?

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